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Blockchain technology continues to disrupt a growing number of industries. Ambitious startups are leveraging blockchain to tackle complex problems across finance, logistics, identity, and more. Here are 10 promising blockchain startups building innovative decentralized solutions.


AnChain.AI is using artificial intelligence and blockchain to enhance cybersecurity and combat crypto fraud. Its AI scans blockchains to identify threats and suspicious transactions. AnChain.AI works with exchanges, governments, and financial institutions to prevent fraud. It also helps recover diverted funds.

Backed by Radiant Tech Ventures, AnChain.AI is expanding across use cases in supply chain logistics, insurance, and health data. Its forensic analysis of blockchain activity is becoming an essential tool for enhancing security.


Mattereum aims to bring real-world assets like real estate and commodities on-chain by creating legally-binding smart contracts. It builds the legal frameworks and smart contract infrastructure to tokenise assets.

Initially funded by renowned investor Peter Thiel, Mattereum is led by blockchain law pioneer Vinay Gupta. Its smart asset custody system solves challenges around proving asset provenance and ownership histories.


Harmony is developing an open consensus platform designed for high transaction throughput and low fees. Its key breakthrough is creating a sharding mechanism that securely partitions the blockchain to process transactions in parallel.

The startup has raised $18 million from investors like Binance Labs and Silicon Valley’s Consensus Capital. Harmony aims to overcome blockchain scalability limitations for applications like gaming and decentralized finance.


Chronicled applies blockchain and IoT sensors to track goods across supply chains, ensuring authenticity and origin. It tackles counterfeiting and diversion issues in industries like pharmaceuticals, luxury, and automotive.

With $16 million in funding, Chronicled’s decentralized ledger brings accountability throughout production and delivery workflows. It provides consumers with confidence in purchasing authentic, safe products.

SKALE Network

The SKALE Network lets developers launch customizable blockchains optimized for specific use cases like gaming or DeFi. It facilitates building fast, secure dapps on sidechains while remaining securely anchored to Ethereum.

With $53 million in backing, SKALE provides dev teams with the blockchain flexibility lacking in «one-size-fits-all» platforms. The SKALE approach helps drive mainstream decentralized application adoption.

Mesh Payments

Mesh Payments is using blockchain to facilitate faster, more affordable cross-border payments. Its decentralized architecture and stablecoin allow transferring funds globally with minimal fees and FX conversion charges.

Initially focused on the Asia Pacific region, Mesh Payments partners with existing payment processors and bank networks for smooth onboarding. With $13 million raised so far, it aims to accelerate financial access across borders.


Chainalysis provides blockchain analysis tools to government agencies, cryptocurrency businesses, and financial institutions. Its data platform and investigation software identify suspicious transaction patterns and illicit activities across blockchains.

Chainalysis helps clients comply with regulations and aids law enforcement in investigating cybercrimes involving crypto. The startup has raised $266 million as demand for blockchain analytics grows.

Mysten Labs

Mysten Labs is building web3 infrastructure focused on high usability and scalability. Developers can easily build decentralized apps with Mysten’s multi-chain architecture. Its Sui blockchain also delivers low transaction fees and sub-second finality.

With funding from the likes of Multicoin Capital and Binance Labs, Mysten Labs aims to overcome blockchain’s technical limitations to achieve mainstream adoption. It provides a full open-source stack for on-chain app development.


Sorare has pioneered blockchain-based fantasy sports with its platform for collectible NFT player cards. It has partnerships with over 250 soccer teams and leagues. Users can collect cards, build teams, and earn rewards based on player performance.

With $680 million in funding, Sorare brings innovation to fan engagement in sports. Its model of verifiable digital collectibles linked to real-world value demonstrates the advantages of NFTs.


Tatum provides a developer platform for building and launching blockchain applications quickly. Its APIs and microservices handle complex back-end functions like key management, multi-chain capabilities, fiat onramps, and more.

Tatum allows web2 developers to easily build web3 products without deep blockchain expertise. Its $95 million in funding will support Tatum’s goal of being the leading blockchain middleware provider.


These promising blockchain startups represent only a sample of the wave of innovation in the space. As the technology matures and develops, blockchain solutions to longstanding challenges will continue emerging across practically every sector. The growth opportunities remain immense for daring startups ready to tackle broad real-world problems with decentralization.

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