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Launched in 2020, Alien Worlds (TLM) has rapidly emerged as one of the most popular blockchain-based metaverses. Built on the Wax blockchain, Alien Worlds leverages NFTs and DeFi innovations to create a decentralized virtual world with compelling gameplay and economic incentives.

With over 1 million registered users, Alien Worlds demonstrates the potential of non-fungible tokens to support new digital asset models and immersive experiences. Players can explore planets, mine for resources, complete quests, earn rewards, and collaborate with others.

Key Gameplay Features

Planet NFTs

The foundation of Alien Worlds is a collection of 190,000 unique planet NFTs. Planets are the base environment where players can travel and complete activities. Scarcer planet types like Uranus offer greater mining rewards.

Mining and Staking

Players can mine TLM tokens on planets by staking NFT tools like shovels and pickaxes. Mining earns both TLM and NFT Trilium artifacts which can be sold or crafted into new tools. Players can stake TLM for governance.

Quests and Battles

Alien Worlds has quests where players can earn rewards for missions like delivering items or battling other players. Battles are turn-based and use NFT cards representing avatars, weapons, and abilities.


Mined Trilium can be crafted into new NFT assets like weapons, avatars, spaceships, and badges using blueprints. Crafting system allows continually creating new rare NFTs.

Player Guilds

Players can join guilds to collaborate and socialize with others. Guilds can coordinate on quests, develop guild NFTs, bid on MetaLand parcels, and share strategies.

Player-Owned Economy

NFT Marketplace

Alien Worlds has an NFT marketplace where users trade NFT assets including planets, avatars, spaceships, land, and mining tools. Rarity and scarcity drive the virtual economics similar to other NFT games.

Staking and Liquidity Pools

Users can stake their TLM tokens to receive yield and participate in governance. TLM also provides liquidity to DEX pools on Wax exchange which generates trading fees for participants.

MetaLand Virtual Real Estate

Alien Worlds has launched MetaLand where players can purchase NFTs representing virtual land parcels. Similar to other metaverses, scarcer land can be used for development, socializing, and hosting events.

Decentralized Governance

Alien Worlds utilizes a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) model where TLM holders vote on governance proposals and other community matters. This helps align incentives within the gamified ecosystem.

Development Outlook

Alien Worlds aims to grow into a sprawling metaverse with more social interaction capabilities, new worlds and environments, increased economic complexity with businesses and services, and tools for user-generated content and monetization.

In addition to Wax, Alien Worlds plans to launch versions across more blockchains including Ethereum, BNB Chain, and Tron. This cross-chain strategy expands their user base into different crypto communities.

A mobile app is in development to complement the web experience and allow on-the-go gameplay. Hardware wallet integration will also improve usability for players to manage NFT assets.


As one of the top NFT games, Alien Worlds provides an early look at metaverse economies powered by digital assets and open monetization models. Worlds like Alien Worlds that successfully balance community engagement, compelling gameplay loops, and tokenomic incentives stand to capture significant value as immersive blockchain-based experiences go mainstream over the next decade.

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