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ATOR Protocol is developing a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform aimed at providing optimized yield opportunities for liquidity providers on AMM DEXs like Uniswap. The protocol incentivizes liquidity with its governance token ATOR.

The Problem of Impermanent Loss

One of the biggest risks of providing liquidity on AMMs is impermanent loss. This occurs when the price ratio of the paired assets changes after liquidity is provided, resulting in the LP earning less returns than simply holding the assets.

ATOR Protocol is designed to protect liquidity providers from impermanent loss on AMMs like Uniswap V2 by using an options strategy.

How ATOR Protocol Works

ATOR Protocol allows liquidity providers to mint an ERC-20 token called an LP Option Vault (LPov). This represents their share of the pooled liquidity.

When minting the LPOv, liquidity providers pay a small fee in ATOR tokens to purchase protective put options on their position.

If impermanent loss occurs, the options pay out, compensating for the loss in value. Liquidity providers earn farming rewards as usual while being protected from downside price risk.

Key Benefits for Liquidity Providers

Key benefits of utilizing ATOR Protocol include:

  1. Protection from impermanent loss.
  2. Ability to earn uncompensated farming rewards.
  3. Coverage on major AMMs like Uniswap, Sushiswap, Quickswap.
  4. Option to stake LPOv tokens to earn ATOR rewards.
  5. Governance rights by holding ATOR tokens.

By de-risking liquidity provision, ATOR incentivizes capital efficiency and greater liquidity for AMMs.

ATOR Tokenomics

The ATOR token has the following tokenomics:

  1. It is required to purchase coverage for Liquidity Provider positions.
  2. ATOR holders can stake to earn more ATOR.
  3. Used for governance of protocol parameters like fee levels.
  4. Has a fixed max supply of 150 million tokens.
  5. Initial circulating supply of 15 million after public sale.
  6. Farming rewards distributed in ATOR to incentivize liquidity.

As adoption grows, increasing utility for ATOR should drive value.

Technical Architecture

Some key technical components underpinning ATOR Protocol include:

  • Solidity based smart contracts deployed on Ethereum.
  • Chainlink oracles provide price feeds needed for options pricing.
  • Uniswap v2 integration for swaps and liquidity provision.
  • Gnosis Protocol for options generation and settlement.
  • Thegraph for subgraph hosting.

By building on proven DeFi primitives, ATOR is positioned for reliability and security.


The ATOR Protocol roadmap includes:

  1. Launching Mainnet — Going live on Ethereum mainnet.
  2. Integrating more AMMs — Expanding beyond Uniswap v2 to platforms like Sushiswap.
  3. Supporting more assets — Adding coverage for major asset pairs like WBTC/ETH.
  4. Cross-chain expansion — Covering platforms on L2s like Arbitrum and Optimism.
  5. Developing portfolio management tools — For tracking and analyzing positions.
  6. Launching self-service coverage portal — For direct user interaction.
  7. Governance transition — To community-controlled decentralization.

Delivering these milestones will expand the utility for the ATOR token and protocol.

ATOR Long-Term Vision

The long-term vision for ATOR Protocol includes:

  1. Becoming the dominant solution for impermanent loss protection in DeFi.
  2. Expanding to cover other risk factors like smart contract risk and volatility.
  3. Evolving into a decentralized insurance and risk management platform.
  4. Building integrations with wallets, portfolios, and dashboards.
  5. Creating a robust and vibrant ecosystem of applications leveraging the protocol.
  6. Transitioning governance fully to the community.

Achieving these goals can establish ATOR as a core DeFi infrastructure project.


By innovatively utilizing options to insure against impermanent loss, ATOR Protocol solves a major pain point for liquidity providers on AMMs. Its continued growth can significantly stimulate adoption of decentralized exchanges and financial applications. With its strong team and community, ATOR has high potential to become a leading DeFi project focused on mitigating risks for users.

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