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As blockchain technology advances, an emphasis has formed around networks that prioritize privacy, security and decentralization. One such project is Dero, a privacy-centric blockchain platform powered by its native DERO coin. In this guide, we’ll examine Dero’s features, the DERO coin, and its role in the platform’s private and scalable vision.

Overview of Dero

Dero was created in 2017 by blockchain developer Captain Dero. It is an open-source blockchain protocol designed from the ground up to enhance privacy, security and scalability through features like:

  • Private transactions — Utilizes ring signatures and stealth addresses to obfuscate transaction details.
  • Smart contracts — Supports private smart contracts for anonymous decentralized applications.
  • Proof-of-work mining — A POW consensus backed by the AstroBWT mining algorithm to validate transactions.
  • Pruning — Transactions outside a user’s sphere are pruned to reduce bloat and increase scalability.
  • Atomic swaps — Allows trustless P2P crypto trades across different blockchains.

These capabilities aim to make Dero useful for secure payments, private decentralized apps, and enabling anonymity on the blockchain.

Overview of DERO Coin

DERO serves as the native cryptocurrency that underpins the Dero blockchain network. Here are some of its key characteristics:

  • Capped supply — Total limited supply of 18.4 million DERO.
  • Mining rewards — DERO coins are created and distributed as block rewards to miners.
  • Consensus mechanism — Miners must stake DERO to participate in the proof-of-work consensus protocol.
  • Transaction fees — Fees for using Dero are paid in DERO coins, which then get distributed to stakers.
  • Governance — DERO holders can vote on project governance matters and community fund usage.
  • Atomic swaps — DERO serves as the medium for executing trustless atomic swaps with other cryptocurrencies.

As the lifeblood of the Dero ecosystem, DERO offers utility, scarcity and decentralization.

Obtaining and Storing DERO

There are a few ways to acquire and hold DERO coins:

  1. Mining — Those with suitable hardware can mine DERO as block rewards on the network.
  2. Exchanges — DERO is listed on exchanges like KuCoin, and trade against BTC and ETH.
  3. Atomic swaps — The DERO wallet supports atomic swaps allowing decentralized trades with other coins.
  4. Airdrops — Occasionally, free DERO coins are airdropped to community members.
  5. DERO wallet — The official DERO wallet offers an easy way to store DERO safely and outside of exchanges.

Storing DERO in an official wallet is recommended for maximum security and for staking access.

Use Cases for DERO

As Dero matures as a privacy-preserving blockchain, some potential uses for the DERO coin include:

  1. Anonymous transactions — Sending private payments that are untraceable due to cryptographic obfuscation.
  2. Decentralized apps — Building censorship-resistant dApps that leverage Dero’s privacy features.
  3. Staking and governance — Participating in block production and voting by staking DERO.
  4. Anonymous messaging — Communication apps that use Dero to preserve user privacy and shield metadata.
  5. Atomic swaps — Allowing decentralized trading of DERO for other cryptocurrencies while preserving anonymity.
  6. Digital identity — Anonymous but verifiable identity systems can be built on Dero’s foundation.


Dero brings a strong focus on privacy, security and scalability to the blockchain space thanks to innovations like its proof-of-work consensus, private smart contracts and selective pruning.

As adoption of Dero grows, DERO is positioned through its technical underpinnings and cryptographic design to become the currency of choice for private blockchain use cases. Dero’s advancements make projects like anonymous dApps, messaging systems, transactions and decentralized trading a possibility.

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