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Exodus is a popular cryptocurrency wallet that offers users the ability to earn staking rewards on supported assets. The Exodus staking functionality allows cryptocurrency holders to put their assets to work passively earning income. This comprehensive guide will examine how Exodus staking works, its features, supported assets, security, and overall value for cryptocurrency users.

Introduction to Exodus Staking

Exodus is a desktop and mobile crypto wallet with support for hundreds of cryptocurrency assets. Beyond just storing assets, Exodus enables users to stake coins directly within the wallet to earn staking rewards.

Staking involves holding funds in a cryptocurrency wallet to participate in transaction validation on proof-of-stake blockchains. In exchange for locking up assets in a wallet, stakers earn frequent rewards similarly to how interest accrues in a savings account. Exodus handles the technical aspects of staking in the background.

Key Features and Benefits

Some key features of Exodus staking include:

  • Easy set up — Stake supported assets in just a few clicks within Exodus.
  • Automatic staking — Assets are automatically staked once added to your wallet.
  • Compound rewards — Earned rewards are automatically restaked to compound gains over time.
  • No lock-up — Staked funds remain liquid and can be unstaked and transferred anytime.
  • Low minimums — Stake even small amounts — no minimum staking amounts.
  • Cleaner UI — Simple staking user interface ideal for beginners.
  • Multi-chain staking — Stake across assets on 10+ different blockchains.
  • 24/7 uptime — Exodus infrastructure maintains reliable uptime.
  • SEC/FINMA registration — Exodus registered with financial regulators (except in restricted jurisdictions).

Exodus makes earning staking income easy even for crypto newcomers while retaining flexibility.

Supported Cryptocurrencies

Exodus currently supports staking the following assets:

  • Ethereum (ETH).
  • Cardano (ADA).
  • Algorand (ALGO).
  • Tezos (XTZ).
  • Cosmos (ATOM).
  • Zilliqa (ZIL).
  • Ontology (ONT).
  • NEO.
  • VeChain (VET).
  • Qtum (QTUM).
  • TRON (TRX).
  • Polkadot (DOT).
  • Elrond (EGLD).

This covers major proof-of-stake cryptocurrencies across their respective blockchains. Note staking support varies by region based on local regulations.

Security and Protection

When users stake with Exodus, security remains a top priority:

  • Private keys — User’s private keys remain in sole control for supported assets.
  • Reputable partners — Staked assets are delegated to trusted validator partners.
  • Read-only access — Partners only have read-only access to distribute rewards.
  • Encryption — Wallet data and keys encrypted both in transit and at rest.
  • Code audits — Exodus codebase regularly audited by third party firms.

While staked assets reside on partner validator nodes, users retain control of private keys. This helps mitigate risks.

Getting Started with Exodus Staking

Staking assets in Exodus involves three simple steps:

  1. Transfer Assets — Deposit supported cryptocurrencies into your Exodus wallet.
  2. Enable Staking — Turn on staking for assets from wallet settings.
  3. Earn Rewards — Supported assets will automatically stake and earn rewards over time.
  4. Monitor — View reward accruals directly in the wallet portfolio and staking screens.

With staking enabled, users can sit back, relax, and earn passive crypto income on holdings. Rewards can be compounded by leaving them in the wallet to stake.


Exodus provides an easy-to-use staking experience for beginners powered by its beautiful, intuitive wallet interface. Rather than deal with operating validator nodes directly, users can earn staking rewards on 12+ assets with just a few clicks. For cryptocurrency holders looking to put idle assets to work, Exodus is one of the simplest staking options available.

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