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Liquity is a decentralized borrowing protocol that allows users to draw loans against Ethereum as collateral with 0% interest. LQTY is the governance token of the Liquity ecosystem. Let’s take a deep dive into how Liquity works and the potential of its LQTY token.

Overview of Liquity

Liquity aims to provide a simple and efficient solution for accessing liquidity without having to sell assets or pay interest. Key aspects include:

  1. Draw interest-free loans by collateralizing ETH.
  2. Only a 0.5% one-time fee, no recurring interest fees.
  3. Loan to Value ratio up to 110% to minimize liquidations.
  4. Fast and simple borrowing process.
  5. LQTY token provides governance voting rights.

By eliminating interest rates, Liquity unlocks Ethereum’s liquidity in a user-friendly manner.

Liquity Architecture

Liquity utilizes a pooled collateral system with two main smart contracts:

  • Trove — Users open Troves by locking up collateral assets to borrow against. ETH is currently the only supported collateral.
  • Stability Pool — Pool of LUSD stablecoins paired with collateral that acts as a buffer against price drops to prevent mass liquidations.

Liquity maintains a target collateral ratio of 110% to enable withdrawing the most liquidity with the least risk.

The LQTY Token

LQTY is the governance and utility token of Liquity. Its key roles include:

  1. Voting on Liquity governance proposals.
  2. Claiming protocol fee revenue as staking rewards.
  3. Incentivizing liquidations to protect collateral ratio.
  4. Discounting Stability Pool deposit fees.
  5. Priority access to borrow from new Troves.

The LQTY token aligns incentives between users, governance, and protocol sustainability.

Growth and Roadmap

Liquity has experienced rapid growth since its launch, surpassing 650 million in total value locked. Future roadmap plans include:

  1. Multi-chain expansion beyond Ethereum.
  2. Allowing additional whitelisted tokens as collateral.
  3. New borrowing mechanisms like credit lines.
  4. Additional incentives for LQTY holders.
  5. Fiat on/off ramps for LUSD.
  6. Mobile app development.


Liquity stands out for its elegantly simple approach to unlocking Ethereum collateral for anyone to access zero-interest loans. With its rising adoption, LQTY has strong potential as a multi-purpose governance and incentive token within the growing Liquity ecosystem. Liquity is one of the most promising DeFi lending protocols out there.

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