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Zebec (ZBC) is a unique cryptocurrency project focused on bringing blockchain technology and tokenization to the media and entertainment industry. With an ambitious roadmap and growing ecosystem, Zebec aims to transform how artists monetize and engage with fans.

Overview of Zebec

Zebec was launched in 2018 with the goal of giving more power to artists, creators and media companies by leveraging blockchain and cryptocurrency technology. The Zebec platform allows artists to tokenize their work, creating their own personal tokens that represent ownership rights which can be traded with fans and collectors.

The Zebec ecosystem is built around its native ZBC token. All transactions on the Zebec platform are facilitated using ZBC, creating built-in demand and value for the token. Zebec tokens also serve governance functions, allowing token holders to shape the future direction of the project.

How Zebec Works

The Zebec platform is designed to provide monetization, marketing and engagement tools for artists and creators across music, film, sports and other industries. Some key features include:

  • Tokenization — Artists can convert rights to their work into tokens that can be traded on crypto exchanges. This unlocks new revenue streams.
  • Crowdfunding — Creators can launch token sales to fund projects and get early access to capital based on the value fans see in their work.
  • Exclusive Experiences — Artists can offer special experiences, merchandise and content accessible only to token holders, creating incentives for fans to engage.
  • Data Analytics — Zebec provides data and analytics on fan token holdings and transactions to help shape marketing and engagement strategies.
  • Collectibles — Physical and digital memorabilia can be tokenized to be traded between fans like crypto collectibles.

Benefits for Artists and Fans

Zebec aims to democratize the artist-fan relationship and provide benefits for both sides. Artists gain direct access to capital, new revenue streams, and better data on their fanbase. Fans get unprecedented access to artists, VIP experiences, and a financial stake in their favorite creator’s success.

Additional benefits include: faster payouts, transparent royalty tracking, immutable ownership rights, interoperability across different platforms, and shared governance over the Zebec ecosystem. By aligning incentives, Zebec hopes to nurture deeper artist-fan connections.

ZBC Token Details

  • Launched in 2018.
  • Based on Ethereum blockchain.
  • Total Supply: 800,000,000.
  • Circulating Supply: ~500,000,000.
  • Current Price: ~$0.15 (as of 9/2022).
  • Market Cap: ~$75 million.

ZBC is used to pay for transactions across the Zebec ecosystem, including minting new tokens, trading tokens, accessing premium features, and participating in platform governance. As more artists join Zebec and fan engagement increases, demand for ZBC is expected to rise.

Roadmap and Future Developments

According to its public roadmap, Zebec is focused on bringing more artists onto the platform and expanding the types of media content that can be tokenized. Some planned features include:

  1. Integration with streaming services like YouTube and Spotify to tokenize music royalties.
  2. Launching more crowdfunding campaigns and token sales tied to individual artists.
  3. Onboarding artists across music, film, TV, sports, and other verticals.
  4. Expanding the collectibles ecosystem with branded NFTs.
  5. Launching a mobile app for broader consumer accessibility.
  6. Enhanced data analytics for artists.
  7. Increased utility for the ZBC token within the platform.

If successful in executing its robust roadmap, Zebec could see significant adoption in the coming years and cement itself as a leader in blockchain-based monetization and fan engagement. The flexible platform provides scattered creators and media companies a unified toolkit for leveraging crypto technology.


By tackling industry pain points like transparency, royalty distribution, and access to capital, Zebec has a strong value proposition for artists and fans alike. The blockchain-based platform aims to usher in a new era of digital content creation, sharing, and monetization.

With a seasoned team and promising ecosystem, Zebec has the potential to make real waves in bridging the gap between crypto and creative industries. As they continue to execute on their ambitious roadmap, adoption of the ZBC token and broader Zebec platform could see impressive growth in the coming years.

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