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Biswap is an automated market maker decentralized exchange (AMM DEX) built on the Binance Smart Chain. It uses the Biswap token (BSW) to reward liquidity providers and engage platform users via yield farming incentives. This article takes a deep dive into the Biswap exchange, the BSW token dynamics, and its investment prospects.

Overview of Biswap

Biswap was launched in 2020 as a decentralized trading platform allowing users to swap and provide liquidity for tokens on Binance Smart Chain. Some of its core features include:

  1. Decentralized AMM model with automated liquidity pools and market making.
  2. Yield farming incentives via BSW token rewards for liquidity providers.
  3. Low trading fees and slippage using the Binary Automated Market Maker (BAMM) protocol.
  4. Support for limit orders along with instant swaps.
  5. Cross-chain swaps powered by AnySwap integration.
  6. Farms offering up to 3000% APY on liquidity pools.

Biswap aims to capture Binance Smart Chain’s rapidly growing DeFi user base by providing a fast, affordable DEX focused on rewards for platform activity.

BSW Token Utility and Incentives

The BSW token is a key element of Biswap’s incentive structure. Its utility includes:

  • Liquidity mining rewards — BSW is earned by providing funds to liquidity pools.
  • Transaction mining — A portion of each trade’s fees is rewarded in BSW to active traders.
  • Governance rights — BSW holders can vote on protocol changes and treasury decisions.
  • Staking returns — BSW can be staked on-platform to earn more BSW.
  • Discounted trading fees — Paying fees in BSW offers a discount on trades.

Biswap distributes BSW liberally to bootstrap usage — over 13 million BSW are unlocked per day across liquidity pools. The tokenomics are designed around incentivizing engagement.

Evaluating BSW’s Investment Potential

As adoption grows, BSW benefits from its core platform utility. But trading activity and incentives are the prime value drivers currently. Key factors for price appreciation include:

  1. Increasing trading volumes and liquidity on Biswap expanding platform revenue.
  2. New product features like cross-chain expansion and structured products to deepen engagement.
  3. Partnerships with other DeFi protocols to boost shared liquidity and co-incentives.
  4. Marketing initiatives and collaboration with influencers/communities to attract new users.
  5. Progress on making Biswap a top DEX contender on Binance Smart Chain.
  6. Strong staking participation and trading activity to build sustainable token demand.
  7. Governance decisions that carefully balance rewards with long-term viability.


Biswap leverages familiar AMM concepts but innovates with BAMM to offer a competitive DEX alternative on BSC. The BSW token is central to incentivizing platform usage — its value is closely tied to Biswap’s success in attracting traders. If the exchange continues gaining liquidity and carves out a top DeFi niche on BSC, BSW could see considerable upside given its broad utility.

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