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The Antminer E9 is Bitmain’s newest ASIC miner designed for mining Ethereum and Ethereum-based cryptocurrencies. Released in April 2022, the E9 brings massive hashing power and efficiency improvements to strengthen Bitmain’s grip on the Ethereum mining hardware market.

Overview of the Antminer E9

The Antminer E9 represents the third generation of Bitmain’s Ethereum miner series following the 2020 E3 and 2021 E9. It builds on the E9 v3.5, improving hashrate and efficiency.

Key specs and features:

  • Hash rate of 3 GH/s (+/- 5%).
  • Power efficiency of 55 J/GH (+/- 5%).
  • Consumes around 2050W of power.
  • Supports Ethash algorithm for Ethereum and Ethereum Classic.
  • Enhanced cooling and noise reduction.

With incredible hashrate and efficiency, the E9 easily bests previous Ethereum ASIC models. It cements Bitmain’s market dominance as competition like the Innosilicon A11 Pro falters.

Improved Performance

The E9 achieves up to 3x the megahash rating over the E3 thanks to Bitmain’s upgraded 7nm chip technology that powers the unit. Each E9 contains six boards with about 189 BM1911 chips that crunches numbers for the Ethash algorithm.

Doubling the hashrate translates to more rewards and profits for miners. The E9 chews through blocks and finds more ETH in less time.

Lower Power Draw and Cost

While hashrate jumped substantially, the E9’s power draw only increased marginally over previous models. This gives the E9 superior energy efficiency.

At around 55 J/GH, the E9 uses far less power relative to its hashrate versus the 90 J/GH of the E3. This saves electricity costs and improves mining profitability.

The E9 also eliminates the need for expensive immersion cooling due to its efficient operation and heat dissipation. This further lowers setup and maintenance costs.

Enhanced Design Elements

The E9 introduces several physical design changes:

  • Redesigned heat sink and improved fans minimize noise and keep units running cool.
  • Indoor/outdoor waterproof casing allows flexible deployment.
  • Modules slide in from front for easy maintenance and repairs.
  • Ethernet and wireless network options provide remote management.

These features support trouble-free operations even when running E9 units continuously in large numbers.

Ideal for Large Mining Farms

With power draw exceeding 2000W per unit under full load, the E9 works best in data center-scale mining farms with cheap electricity and robust infrastructure. The hashrate makes it less ideal for average hobbyist miners.

To operate profitably, access to low-cost power at or below $0.05 per kWh is recommended when factoring in the hardware investment. But at scale, the E9 can maximize ROI better than GPU rigs.

Configuring and Managing the E9

To use the E9, buyers must:

  1. Obtain units from Bitmain or authorized resellers.
  2. Connect to suitable 220-240V electrical power circuits.
  3. Install updated firmware and configure mining pool settings.
  4. Input wallet address to receive mining payouts.
  5. Monitor units remotely via network or onsite.

Once powered on and configured, the E9 will automatically start hashing without needing constant oversight.


With game-changing speed and efficiency, the Antminer E9 represents the most powerful Ethereum ASIC miner on the market in early 2022. For large operations, the hardware advantage over graphics cards further solidifies the case for shifting to ASIC mining. If Ethereum transitions to proof-of-stake, the E9 retains advantage mining Ethereum Classic. The E9 demonstrates Bitmain’s engineering prowess and unmatched scale as it eyes capturing the Ethereum mining sector.

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