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As cryptocurrency adoption accelerates, seamless fiat-to-crypto onramps are essential for onboarding the next wave of users. Convexity offers an institutional-grade fiat gateway tailored to the needs of large traders and sophisticated platforms.

Founded in 2018, Convexity combines deep liquidity, a superior trading experience, and a focus on compliance for reliable crypto access. Convexity’s solution is engineered to handle demanding requirements at scale while delivering best-in-class service.

Key Features and Offerings

Large Trade Sizes

Convexity provides access to sizable trading limits and high transaction throughput to support major liquidity needs. Trade sizes can reach 8 figures for approved clients with additional OTC desk support.

Competitive Pricing and Spreads

By aggregating liquidity sources, Convexity delivers competitive exchange rates on trades. Spreads are tight starting at just 0.5% and personalized pricing plans are available based on volume. Convexity focuses on transparency.

Advanced Reporting and Reconciliation

Convexity offers enterprise-grade reporting for activity monitoring, auditing, accounting, and reconciliation. Clients gain insights into transaction histories, fees, slippage, exchange rates, and other analytics.

High Throughput Infrastructure

Convexity’s platform is engineered to handle institutional demands including high throughput, low latency, redundancy, DDoS protection, and scalability. Their infrastructure powers millions in daily transaction volume.

Suite of APIs and SDKs

Alongside their web interface, Convexity provides REST and WebSocket APIs, SDKs in Python, JS, Java, and Ruby, as well as plugins for platforms like Shopify. This supports easy integration.

Dedicated Account Reps

Convexity assigns dedicated account representatives to support enterprise clients with trading, technical implementation, and compliance needs. Reps help ensure a smooth onboarding and ongoing service.

Use Cases

  • Exchanges and OTC Desks. For exchanges, Convexity provides a fast fiat gateway to fund accounts from bank transfers, wires, and cards. Convexity offers deep backend liquidity for brokers.
  • Protocols and Dapps. DeFi protocols and dApps can integrate Convexity to onboard new users from fiat directly into their decentralized application with a streamlined flow.
  • Retail Platforms. Financial services, wallets, applications and webshops can build fiat-to-crypto capabilities tailored to local payment methods in their region using Convexity’s flexible API.
  • Gaming and Metaverse. For gaming, metaverse, and NFT platforms, Convexity allows direct fiat conversion to tokens supporting in-app economies and unlocking new spend capabilities.

Compliance and Regulation

To operate globally, Convexity has secured money transmitter licenses in most US states along with approvals across Europe, APAC, and South America. Their legal and compliance team ensures adherence to local laws.

Convexity enforces stringent KYC and AML policies using both automated and manual review. Their platform offers tools for screening, transaction monitoring, activity reports, and other controls to mitigate risk.

Looking Ahead

Convexity is focused on supporting the growing needs of institutional clients by expanding assets, chains, and currencies on their platform. Investments in scalability ensure Convexity can power the next phase of crypto’s maturity.

They also continue enhancing their trading experience with new algorithms, deeper liquidity aggregation, and faster settlement times. Convexity aims to be the most reliable fiat gateway for sophisticated institutions.


As a dedicated fiat onramp for larger traders and centralized platforms, Convexity provides a robust gateway tailored for institutional crypto adoption. Their reliable trading infrastructure, deep liquidity, and regulatory expertise offer the ideal balance of performance and compliance needed for sophisticated use cases.

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