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AirdropAlert is a leading airdrop information and alerts platform in the cryptocurrency space. The platform provides users with latest updates, details and guidance on upcoming and active crypto airdrops. With its extensive coverage, timely alerts and helpful community, AirdropAlert has become an invaluable resource for airdrop hunters.

Key Features and Benefits

Some of the standout features and advantages of using AirdropAlert include:

  • Comprehensive Airdrop Database — The platform tracks and compiles a vast database of past, active and future airdrops across different blockchains like Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Solana etc.
  • Timely Alerts — Users can subscribe for timely email and telegram alerts on new airdrops so they never miss opportunities.
  • Airdrop Ratings — Experienced analysts rate each airdrop on parameters like project potential, reward fairness and ease of participation. This helps identify quality airdrops.
  • Step-by-step Guides — Easy to follow guides are provided for every airdrop explaining how to participate, receive tokens and add custom networks or assets where required.
  • Active Community — Large community of airdrop hunters share experiences, assist with questions and rate airdrops. Enables learning from others.
  • Portfolio Tracking — Users can add airdropped tokens to their portfolio on the platform to track both known and unknown assets.

How Airdrops Work

For those new to crypto, airdrops allow projects to distribute free token rewards to the community to drive awareness and usage. Typical steps are:

  1. Projects announce details like airdrop amount, eligible participants, start and end dates.
  2. Participants follow the steps outlined to become eligible, like signing up with emails, joining social channels etc.
  3. Using the provided participant addresses, projects airdrop rewards which participants can then claim and add to their wallets.
  4. Rewards are generally higher for stronger actions like social promotion, trading on linked platforms etc.

Notable Airdrops on AirdropAlert

Some of the most popular and rewarding airdrops promoted on AirdropAlert include:

  • Uniswap — The leading DEX offered 400 UNI (~$1200 at the time) for using Uniswap protocol previously.
  • 1INCH — 1INCH airdropped its governance token to Uniswap LP providers. Over $6000 in 1INCH rewards.
  • Badger DAO — Bitcoin DeFi platform BadgerDAO airdropped BADGER tokens worth ~$3000 for interacting with protocol features.
  • MEME — Meme Ltd. airdropped MEME tokens now worth over $950 to Telegram and Discord members.
  • Polkastarter — Early adopters of the Polkastarter IDO platform received over $1500 in POLS tokens.


AirdropAlert provides an invaluable and comprehensive resource for anyone interested in maximizing crypto airdrop opportunities. With its extensive airdrop database, always-on alerts, guides, community and portfolio tracking, users can unlock substantial token rewards for just a few simple actions.

The platform takes the frustration out of constantly monitoring different channels and learning intricacies of participation. Both new and experienced crypto enthusiasts can benefit immensely from using AirdropAlert for staying updated on the latest and most valuable airdrop campaigns across different blockchains.

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