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EWBF miners are closed-source mining software designed for Nvidia graphics cards. Popular for Zcash mining, their stability has made EWBF a staple among the Equihash mining community since 2016.

The EWBF mining suite was launched in 2016 by developer MinerD, who optimized the software specifically for Nvidia GPUs. It focuses on mining Equihash algorithm coins like Zcash and Bitcoin Gold.

The software is closed source and available for Windows. A 3% developer fee funds continued improvements. EWBF has no official support channels, but its community provides guidance.

Key Features of EWBF

Some key features that make EWBF a leading choice for Equihash Nvidia mining include:

  • Optimized Equihash performance – Provides excellent speeds on latest Nvidia cards for coins like ZEN and ZEC.
  • Stable – Mature software with few bugs and crashes, reliable for long-term untouched mining.
  • Automatic updates – Easy upgrading to latest performance improvements and new coin support.
  • Monitoring – Real-time charting of hashrate, shares, temperatures, and other metrics.
  • Mining pools – Supports failover between multiple pools for continuous uptime.
  • Command line or config file – Configuration options via text config file or command line arguments.

Nvidia GPUs Supported

EWBF works on most modern Nvidia GPUs, including:

  • GTX 900 series and newer.
  • RTX 2000/3000 series.
  • Titan V/X/Z.
  • Quadro P6000/M6000 series.

Hashrates scale based on the specific GPU model and overclocks when mining Equihash coins.

Getting Started with EWBF

Using EWBF involves a few simple steps:

  1. Download the latest EWBF release for your OS.
  2. Edit the config file or provide command line options.
  3. Launch the miner and input your Zcash/ZEN wallet and pool.
  4. Use the dashboard to monitor performance in real-time.
  5. Update to latest releases periodically for improvements.

Comparing EWBF vs Other Nvidia Miners

For Zcash and Bitcoin Gold, EWBF competes closely with other optimized Equihash miners like DTSM and Bminer in terms of speeds. EWBF advantages include stability, maturity, and automatic updates.

DGSM provides more detailed statistics while Bminer focuses on customization. For well-rounded performance and reliability, EWBF remains a strong contender.


With its long track record and Nvidia specialization, EWBF remains a staple miner for Zcash and similar Equihash coins. While closed source, its community support and automatic updates make it easy to run optimally. For Nvidia Equihash stability, EWBF is a top choice.

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