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ThunderCore is a leading smart contract platform that focuses on speed, scalability, and adoptimainstream developer experience. Powered by its native TT token, ThunderCore aims to accelerate decentralized application adoption by delivering an optimized infrastructure for apps seeking production-level performance.

Since launching mainnet in 2019, ThunderCore has expanded capabilities across areas like payments, NFTs, and decentralized finance. The project offers an intriguing value proposition for builders and users emphasizing real-world use cases over complex Layer 1 functionality.

Key Features and Capabilities

High-Speed Consensus

ThunderCore achieves throughput exceeding 1200 TPS through a modified version of the Ethereum codebase optimized for consensus efficiency. The network combines PaLa consensus with a ThunderCore-specific overlay messaging protocol.

Low-Cost Transactions

Transaction fees on ThunderCore are a fraction of a cent, allowing micropayments and encouraging app usage. These minimal costs are powered by an innovative dual-gas model separating computation and storage.

EVM Compatibility

ThunderCore supports Ethereum’s EVM and Solidity smart contract language, making it easy to port projects and leverage developer familiarity with Ethereum.

Cross-Chain Bridges

The ThunderBridge allows assets transfers between ThunderCore, Ethereum, Binance Chain, and Huobi ECO Chain. This interoperability unlocks liquidity and composability between the chains.

Developer Support

ThunderCore offers extensive documentation, SDKs, APIs, and other resources to support blockchain developers building on the network. The familiar Ethereum stack drastically lowers the learning curve.

Decentralized Applications


ThunderCore’s fast and cheap transactions make it suitable for payment platforms including merchant and P2P solutions. Apps like SendWyre leverage these capabilities for global remittances.

NFT Marketplaces

NFT.io operates a multi-chain NFT marketplace on ThunderCore for buying, selling, and minting digital collectibles. Its low minting/gas costs support onboarding mainstream creators.


ThunderCore powers blockchain games like CryptoWars and Ethernal, both of which benefit from fast transactions and negligible fees to drive usability and adoption.

DeFi Protocols

ThunderCore hosts DeFi applications including ThunderSwap DEX, Yield farming protocol BarnBridge, synthetic asset platform Ubeswap, and algorithmic stablecoin Kowala.

TT Token Utilities

Staking Rewards

TT holders can stake their tokens to support network security and operations while earning staking rewards currently around 8% APY. More holders decentralize governance.

Transaction Fee Savings

TT tokens pay lower network fees, creating inherent utility for transacting on the ThunderCore blockchain. More adoption drives TT demand.

Governance Rights

TT tokens allow voting on future network upgrades like technical changes or economic parameters. Engaged governance promotes sustainability.

Growth Plans

ThunderCore aims for global reach and usability for regular app users by focusing on speed, cost, and seamless onboarding. Their developer-friendly stack fosters real-world usage.

Through hackathons, grants, and other initiatives, ThunderCore plans to expand its builder community and support ecosystem. More quality applications ultimately benefit end users.

Outreach to corporations, government entities, and institutional developers could significantly broaden ThunderCore’s adoption beyond just the retail crypto community.


With a pragmatic focus on scalability, dev experience, and usability, ThunderCore offers a compelling platform for blockchain applications seeking to reach mainstream usage. As more businesses and consumers migrate online, the need for fast and efficient web3 infrastructure will only grow, positioning ThunderCore as an attractive network for developers striving to meet that demand.

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