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In the world of cryptocurrency mining, pooling resources together can help smaller miners effectively compete. Flexpool is one such mining pool that has become popular within the Ethereum community for its competitive rewards and reliable services. In this guide, we’ll provide a comprehensive overview of Flexpool and the benefits it offers cryptocurrency miners.

What is Flexpool?

Flexpool is a next-generation mining pool created in 2018 by Alexander Trott. It offers a mining management platform that allows cryptocurrency miners to aggregate their computing power in order to more efficiently mine and validate transactions on networks like Ethereum.

As an Ethereum mining pool, Flexpool utilizes robust servers and a global node infrastructure to provide miners with high uptime, low stale rates, and attractive payouts. The pool charges only a flat 1% fee for maintaining the infrastructure. Miners keep the remaining rewards and transaction fees from the blocks mined.

Key Features and Benefits

Flexpool stands out from other pools by offering user-focused features:

  1. High-performance stratum servers for optimized connectivity.
  2. Dynamic load balancing to maintain optimal distribution of miners.
  3. Accurate real-time statistics available through API, Telegram, Discord.
  4. Minimum payout of 0.005 ETH to accommodate small miners.
  5. PPLNS+ payment method with low 1% fee to maximize miner earnings.
  6. Detailed earnings reports exported to Google Sheets.
  7. GEO targeted mining options to reduce network latency.
  8. Excellent customer support via Discord community and help guides.

For Ethereum miners, joining an efficient pool is critical for earning income from mining. Flexpool’s high-quality servers, robust infrastructure, and miner-first approach provides excellent service for miners.

Getting Started with Flexpool

Interested cryptocurrency miners can get started with Flexpool in a few simple steps:

  1. Set up a compatible Ethereum mining rig with GPUs, install mining software like T-Rex or GMiner.
  2. Create a worker account on Flexpool to generate a unique configuration for your rig.
  3. Configure your mining software to point towards Flexpool’s stratum servers using your worker login.
  4. Start mining and monitor your worker dashboard to track real-time share submissions.
  5. Once you cross the 0.005 ETH threshold, payouts will automatically be made to your configured Ethereum address.

Flexpool offers detailed guides on registering, connecting, and monitoring your workers to optimize the mining experience. The pool makes it easy for both novice and experienced cryptocurrency miners to get set up securely.


For Ethereum and other cryptocurrency miners looking to maximize rewards, Flexpool offers an attractive option. Its global mining infrastructure, miner-focused support, and transparent operations create a reliable pooling environment. By joining forces with Flexpool, miners contribute hashpower and earn regular payouts in a streamlined, low-fee manner. As decentralized finance on Ethereum evolves, Flexpool represents the next-generation of cooperative mining pools.

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