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Hegic is a decentralized options trading protocol built on Ethereum. It allows users to buy and sell put and call options on various cryptoassets in a permissionless manner powered by smart contracts. In this guide, we’ll examine how Hegic works and its role in the DeFi ecosystem.

Overview of Protocol

Hegic offers on-chain options trading with no middlemen. Users can be options buyers, sellers or liquidity providers. The protocol handles the entire lifecycle from creation to settlement automatically via smart contracts.

Some key aspects include:

  • Support for options on various cryptoassets like ETH, WBTC, LINK etc.
  • Customizable strike prices and expiry dates set by option creators.
  • Automated pricing and P&L management using external price oracles.
  • Settlement of options at expiry via smart contract logic.
  • Liquidity incentives for market makers providing both buy and sell orders.

This allows decentralized options trading similar to traditional markets but in a transparent, trustless manner powered by blockchain.

Benefits to Users

Hegic offers several advantages to options traders:

  1. Censorship resistance — no blocking of trades or freezing of funds.
  2. 24/7 access — trading occurs even on weekends and holidays.
  3. No KYC — pseudonymous addressing enables privacy.
  4. Global participation — no geographic restrictions.
  5. Transparent pricing — on-chain data enables analysis.
  6. Settled automatically — no manual intervention needed.
  7. Low fees — avoids overhead costs of middlemen.

HEGIC Token Utility

The HEGIC token provides the following utility:

  1. Used to pay platform fees for trades. A portion is burned while rest goes to liquidity pools.
  2. Acts as the collateral asset for options positions — required margin determined algorithmically.
  3. Incentivizes liquidity providers through emissions and trading rewards.
  4. Allows holders to create governance proposals.

This aligns incentives around platform usage, security, and governance participation.

Development and Roadmap

Hegic launched in early 2020 and has achieved milestones including:

  • On-chain options contracts supporting BTC, ETH, various ERC20s.
  • Establishing DAO governance and oversight mechanisms.
  • SDK and API for easy integration with other DeFi apps.
  • Support for flash loans, lending pools and other composability features.

Upcoming goals include derivatives beyond options, optimized UX and mobile support, layer 2 integration for scalability, and bootstrapping liquidity through partnerships.

Future Outlook

As a pioneer in on-chain options, Hegic serves a vital role in the maturing DeFi ecosystem. Integrations with other protocols can drive immense synergies.

However, the platform needs continued liquidity growth and strong risk management to ensure sustainability. Competition from centralized exchanges also looms as DeFi expands.

Overall though, Hegic is well-positioned to lead innovation in trustless on-chain options by leveraging the strengths of blockchain and decentralized finance.


Hegic brings sophisticated options trading to Ethereum and DeFi in an automated, decentralized manner. Its permissionless and transparent model aligns with the ethos of decentralized finance.

As options gain traction among crypto users and projects, Hegic has an opportunity to become the go-to platform for simple yet powerful on-chain options trading.

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