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Hooked Protocol is a blockchain-based project focused on decentralized certificate issuance and verification. Its goal is to build an open standard for issuing tamper-proof digital certificates that prove completion of courses, programs, and other achievements.

The HOOK utility token facilitates operations on the Hooked platform including certificate creation, validation, and incentives. In this in-depth guide, we’ll examine Hooked Protocol’s technology, use cases, tokenomics, and roadmap.

Overview of Technology

Hooked Protocol utilizes smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain to issue verifiable digital certificates with the following process:

  1. Certificate issuers stake HOOK tokens to mint a certificate NFT for a recipient.
  2. The certificate NFT contains details of what credential it represents.
  3. Recipients can prove ownership of certificates through cryptographic signatures.
  4. Third parties can verify the authenticity of certificates via on-chain data.

This provides a decentralized alternative to traditional paper certificates or centralized digital diplomas. The validity of Hooked certificates can always be proven through trustless on-chain verification.

Hooked also offers frontends like its Certificate Engine for easy certificate creation and its Pocket to hold issued credentials. Detailed analytics dashboards track engagement data.

Overall, Hooked Protocol combines blockchain decentralization with intuitive interfaces for managing verifiable digital certificates.

Certificate Use Cases

Hooked Protocol is designed to be used for any scenario where tamper-proof digital credentials are required. Some major use cases include:

  • Educational certificates — Issuing diplomas, degrees, and course completion certificates for universities and online education platforms.
  • Professional credentials — Certifying completion of professional courses, corporate training programs, and licensing exams.
  • Product certifications — Creating digital certificates of authenticity for luxury goods, collectibles, and specialty products.
  • Affiliations — Certifying membership or affiliations for professional associations, private clubs, alumni groups, etc.
  • Achievements — Tokenizing awards, badges, and other achievement certificates related to sports, arts, gaming, etc.

The common thread is leveraging Hooked’s blockchain-backed certificates to issue verifiable digital proof. This expands the possibilities for credentialing and certification.

Hooked Protocol Team

Hooked Protocol was founded in 2021 by Konstantin Lomashuk, who serves as CEO. He has over 15 years of experience as a developer and entrepreneur in blockchain, fintech, and e-commerce.

Other core team members include:

  • Anton Vereshchагkin, CTO — Former lead developer at Microsoft, Cisco, and Deutsche Bank.
  • Irina Berkon, COO — Digital marketing expert formerly with Promodo and Advantage App.
  • Alex Megalokonomos, CPO — Product leader with experience at Accenture and PwC.

Additionally, Hooked has partnered with major educational institutions like the University of Nicosia and training providers like Blockchain Academy to drive platform adoption.

HOOK Tokenomics and Distribution

HOOK has a maximum supply of 1 billion tokens. The initial distribution was as follows:

  • 38% to community rewards and incentives.
  • 20% to founders and advisors.
  • 20% allocated to ecosystem development.
  • 12% for the treasury.
  • 10% for seed and private sales.

HOOK has utility within the Hooked ecosystem including certificate issuance, staking for governance, and incentive rewards. Issuers must stake HOOK proportional to certificate issuance, creating sustainable demand.

The Hooked team also implements responsible distribution practices like locked vesting periods for team tokens and limiting initial whale concentrations.

Roadmap and Future Goals

Hooked Protocol launched its mainnet in Q1 2022 after completing public testing in 2021. It has since onboarded first customers like OpenCerts and Ureeqa.

Roadmap plans for 2022 include:

  1. Continuing educational partnerships to issue degrees and course certificates.
  2. Supporting issuance of digital collectible certificates.
  3. Launching Hooked Institutes for certification course creation.
  4. Supporting credential verification widgets for LinkedIn and resumes.
  5. Expanding ecosystem integrations and branding.

Hooked also plans to introduce cross-chain capabilities and governance mechanisms in future versions.


Hooked Protocol offers an intriguing solution to transform traditional paper credentials into tamper-proof blockchain-backed digital certificates. Its robust technology, partnerships, and roadmap make Hooked poised for growth in issuing educational, professional, product, and achievement certificates.

With its focus on an underserved area of blockchain credentialing and an experienced team driving adoption, Hooked has long-term upside potential as a pioneering platform in the certificate issuance space.

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