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USDC is a popular stablecoin pegged to the US dollar. With over $50 billion in circulation, it is one of the most widely used dollar-backed cryptocurrencies. This guide will walk through the key steps involved in buying, selling, and storing USDC tokens safely.

Buying USDC

There are several options for purchasing USDC, including via crypto exchanges and brokers:

On Centralized Exchanges

Exchanges like Coinbase, Binance, KuCoin, and Kraken all support USDC trading. You can deposit fiat currency like USD to buy USDC directly. Here are the general steps:

  1. Sign up and complete KYC verification on the exchange.
  2. Deposit USD into your account via bank transfer or card payment.
  3. Navigate to the USDC trading pair and input your order amount. Market orders buy instantly at current rates while limit orders set a target price.
  4. Withdraw the USDC to the wallet address of your choice. Double check it is correct.

Through Brokers

Services like Moonpay, Wyre, and Ramp allow you to buy USDC directly via debit card, Apple Pay, or bank transfer. The steps involve:

  1. Select the amount of USDC and complete checkout with your payment method.
  2. Provide a wallet address to receive your USDC. Check it carefully.
  3. USDC balance will show in your wallet once the transaction processes in minutes.

On Decentralized Exchanges

DEXs like Uniswap also let you trade ETH or other cryptocurrencies for USDC. You can connect your wallet and swap tokens directly through the interface.

Selling and Converting USDC

To cash out your USDC or convert to other cryptocurrencies, you again have various options:

On Centralized Exchanges

Follow these steps to sell USDC on exchanges:

  1. Deposit USDC to your exchange wallet from your external wallet.
  2. On the exchange interface, trade your USDC for fiat (like USD) or another crypto (e.g. BTC, ETH).
  3. Withdraw the funds from the exchange to your bank account or crypto wallet.

Through Brokers

Brokers like MoonPay also enable quick liquidation of USDC to cash. Simply input your USDC amount, provide withdrawal details, and complete the sale.

Via DeFi Protocols

Decentralized exchanges like Uniswap allow swapping USDC for other crypto assets directly through your wallet. Connect your wallet, input the trade details, and complete the swap.

Storing USDC Safely

Since USDC runs on blockchain networks, you need a crypto wallet to store it securely:

Software Wallets

Wallets like MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, Exodus, and Trust Wallet support ERC-20 tokens including USDC. Write down the seed phrase when creating your wallet to enable recovery.

Hardware Wallets

For enhanced security, devices like Ledger and Trezor provide offline storage and support for USDC. Your keys are stored on the physical device. Set a strong PIN.

Exchange Wallets

Leaving USDC on an exchange provides quick access but increased risk. Only keep small amounts for trading on exchange wallets. Withdraw most funds.

Paper Wallets

For offline storage, you can generate a USDC paper wallet address and QR code to print out. Funds remain secure as long as the paper is safe.


With the steps outlined above, you can securely buy USDC via various payment methods, cash out or convert USDC using trading platforms, and store your tokens in a safe crypto wallet. As adoption continues rising, USDC provides a convenient stablecoin for transacting and reducing volatility exposure. Taking precautions allows you to use USDC while minimizing risks.

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