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1THash is a popular cryptocurrency mining pool that focuses exclusively on Bitcoin mining. Launched in 2019, 1THash has grown steadily through its global server infrastructure, competitive fees, and support services to become one of the largest Bitcoin mining pools worldwide.

Overview of 1THash

Some key features provided by 1THash as a Bitcoin mining pool include:

  1. Global distribution of mining servers including US and EU regions.
  2. Competitive 1% pool fee with no hidden charges.
  3. Minimum payout of just 0.001 BTC to any Bitcoin address.
  4. Detailed statistics to analyze mining operations.
  5. Customizable worker name and mining wallet configurability.
  6. Proprietary optimization technology focused on Bitcoin mining.
  7. Active community support forum and knowledgebase.

1THash aims to provide miners an optimized, transparent and low cost mining pool.

1THash Pool Servers and Regions

A key advantage offered by 1THash is its network of global mining pool servers located strategically to ensure maximum uptime and geographic coverage:

  • USA: Multiple regions across East and West coast.
  • Europe: Frankfurt, Germany and Moscow, Russia.
  • Asia: Tokyo, Japan and Singapore.
  • India: Mumbai.
  • Australia: Sydney.

Miners can optimize connectivity and reduce latency by selecting the nearest pool server location.

Low Pool Fees

1THash charges a competitive 1% pool fee on block rewards distributed. The fee is deducted transparently from the total reward before payouts.

No additional hidden fees are charged for transactions, withdrawals or any other activity. This helps maximize profitability for miners in the long run.

Payout Terms and Options

1THash offers flexible options for miners to receive their payouts:

  • No minimum payout threshold, withdrawals available from 0.001 BTC.
  • Automatic payouts are made every 24 hours for all balances.
  • All payouts go directly to external BTC wallet specified.
  • Customizable dynamic payout thresholds possible.
  • Both PPLNS and PPS+ payout schemes supported.

This allows configuring payout policies tailored for each miner’s preference.


With its competitive fees, global infrastructure, and Bitcoin-specific optimization, 1THash has established itself among the leading Bitcoin mining pools. Its team has continually added improvements like low minimum payouts, custom wallet configurability, and DDoS protection for miners. As crypto mining consolidates, 1THash remains well positioned as a focused Bitcoin mining specialist.

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