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Cryptocurrencies are renowned for their extreme volatility. Prices fluctuate wildly in both directions, frequently described as «mooning» or «dumping». What’s behind this topsy-turvy world?


In crypto, «mooning» describes when an asset’s price suddenly skyrockets. For example, a coin may rapidly double or triple in value over days or weeks. These epic rallies stir up crypto fever as new investors rush in.

Coins often moon based on hype and speculation rather than fundamentals. Fear of missing out causes people to buy at any price. This classic bubble dynamic feeds on itself for a time until eventually imploding.


In contrast, «dumping» refers to plummeting prices across crypto assets. Dumps may see coins lose 50% or more of value quickly. This forces weak hands to panic sell and causes leverage liquidations.

Dumps are typically triggered by major negative events like regulations, hacks, or credit crises shaking investor confidence. Technical factors like overleveraged markets and cascading margin calls can also cause massive sell-offs.

What Drives the Volatility?

Several structural factors underlie crypto’s characteristic volatility:

  • Speculation — Crypto remains largely an speculative asset driven by narratives.
  • Thin liquidity — Relatively low market volume exaggerates price moves.
  • Information asymmetry — Information propagates slowly in crypto markets.
  • Leverage — High leverage amplifies volatility when positions get liquidated.

These dynamics lead to high volatility especially among altcoins with lower liquidity.

Impact on Investors

For traders, volatility presents opportunity. But it can be destructive for long-term investors. Analyzing historical patterns provides perspective.

Mastering emotions is critical. FOMO and panic selling often result in buying high and selling low. Patience and discipline are better strategies for navigating crypto volatility.

In the long arc of crypto adoption, decreasing volatility is expected as markets mature. But for now, wild price swings remain endemic to the crypto space.

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