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NBMiner is a popular GPU miner for cryptocurrencies using the Ethash, Equihash, and KAWPOW algorithms. Its focus on Nvidia GPUs provides excellent performance mining coins like Ethereum, Ravencoin, and Beam.

First released in 2018, NBMiner quickly gained notoriety for its speed and stability mining coins based on multiple hashing algorithms. It is developed by coder NebuTech who maintains the closed-source miner.

NBMiner is specifically optimized for Nvidia graphics cards. It charges a default 2% developer fee, which can be reduced or waived for large mining farms. The software runs on Windows and Linux.

Key Features of NBMiner

Some key features that make NBMiner a favorite among Nvidia miners include:

  • Optimized Nvidia performance – Leverages CUDA for excellent hash rates across supported algorithms and coins.
  • Stable – Reliable, often can run for months without crashing. Includes failover pool options.
  • Profitability tracking – Displays automated profit estimates based on mining metrics and expenses.
  • Multiple algorithms — Mines not just Ethereum but also Ravencoin, Beam, Zcoin, and more.
  • Active development – Frequent updates improve performance and add new coin support.
  • Remote monitoring – Built-in web interface for remote control and monitoring.

Supported Coins and Hardware

NBMiner works on most modern Nvidia GPUs, including:

  • RTX 2000/3000 series.
  • GTX 900 and 1000 series.
  • Titan V/X/Z.

It mines Ethereum, Ravencoin, BEAM, Conflux, and other coins based on supported algorithms. AMD GPUs are not supported.

Getting Started with NBMiner

Using NBMiner involves:

  1. Downloading the latest NBMiner release for your OS from their website.
  2. Configuring the start.bat file with your wallet, region, and pool details.
  3. Running the start.bat file to initiate mining.
  4. Customizing settings like overclocks in the configuration file.
  5. Monitoring progress remotely via the web interface.
  6. Updating to latest versions to take advantage of improvements.

Comparing NBMiner vs Other Miners

For Nvidia cards, NBMiner competes closely with miners like T-Rex and GMiner in terms of profitability across supported coins. Slight differences in stability, features, and community support exist between the options.

NBMiner stands out for mining multiple Nvidia-friendly algorithms well. For versatility with the green team, NBMiner warrants consideration.


With its multi-algorithm support and Nvidia optimizations, NBMiner provides excellent performance mining Ethereum, Ravencoin, Beam and more. Continued active development makes it a stable option for long-term Nvidia mining. For top Nvidia versatility, NBMiner is a leading choice.

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