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Numeraire (NMR) is an ERC-20 token that incentivizes and validates machine learning models on the Ethereum blockchain. The goal of Numeraire is to build a network of data scientists competing to develop the best performing models using blockchain-powered collaboration tools and verifiable results tracking.

NMR tokens act as crypto assets within this ecosystem, compensating data scientists for their contributions and staking predictions against live trading data. The Numeraire platform was launched in 2017 by a team with backgrounds at hedge funds and tech companies.

Overview of Numeraire

The core premise of Numeraire is utilizing blockchain mechanisms to enhance collaboration and verification of machine learning models for investing and trading financial assets. Participants can stake NMR tokens on model predictions which are objectively measured against live market data feeds.

This crypto asset approach provides data scientists ways to get compensated for their intellectual contributions while driving healthy competition. Users vote on the best models using NMR tokens as a utility and trust signal.

Numeraire has an internal built-in decentralized exchange for trading NMR tokens without relying on external markets. This enables pure model-driven price discovery based on performance.

How Numeraire Works

The Numeraire platform and NMR tokens operate as follows:

  1. Data scientists build machine learning models predicting asset prices and trade outcomes. They stake NMR tokens on model predictions.
  2. Models interface with live data feeds such as asset prices, indexes, and derivatives. Outcomes are measured objectively.
  3. The best performing models as measured by live results are rewarded with NMR tokens for both accuracy and originality through community consensus.
  4. Scientists can trade NMR tokens directly through the platform’s exchange. Prices reflect crowd sentiment on model value.
  5. NMR provides a verification mechanism ensuring model integrity. Tokens staked on invalid models are forfeited.
  6. Open source flow allows collaboration. Scientists can build on top of and improve each other’s models transparently.

Use Cases for Numeraire

Numeraire is designed to benefit several key groups:

  • Data Scientists – Get compensated for model contributions with NMR tokens. Achieve recognition for performance measured live.
  • Funds – Utilize platform for managing data science talent and collaboratively improving models. Lower costs.
  • Data Providers – Monetize data feeds by integrating them with Numeraire for model evaluation.
  • Traders – Platform yields insights into forecasted asset prices and probabilities improving trading.
  • Other industries – Core concepts of incentivized modeling collaboration applicable across sectors.

Competitive Advantages of Numeraire

Numeraire enjoys some competitive strengths in its niche:

  1. First mover in blockchain tokenized machine learning modeling space.
  2. Pedigreed team with hedge fund and Silicon Valley tech experience.
  3. Novel crypto economic incentives structure proven to work.
  4. Clean focus on data science models rather than being a trading platform.
  5. Rapid prototyping and iterating based on data scientist feedback.
  6. Source of high quality curated data from partners.
  7. Cost and speed advantages harnessing crowd collaboration.

These advantages provide a strategic head start as Numeraire expands its community of data scientists and sections of the financial sector utilizing its models.

Future Growth Potential

Numeraire has significant room for platform growth and NMR value appreciation:

  1. Expanding to support more asset classes, data feeds and trading instruments.
  2. Growing the global community of data scientists on the platform.
  3. Developing newcrowd collaboration and governance mechanisms powered by NMR.
  4. Applying numeraire model to other industries beyond finance such as insurance.
  5. Exploring integrations with decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols.
  6. Transitioning parts of methodology to a custom blockchain for efficiency.

As the ecosystem matures, NMR tokens should see increased utility and demand as the premier unit of value driving collaborative machine learning and its results.


Numeraire presents an intriguing blockchain project applying crypto token design to incentivize data science collaboration and verification. This novel fusion of machine learning and cryptocurrency economics has potential across industries like finance, insurance and technology.

Backed by a strong team and community, Numeraire offers a glimpse into the future of collectively building impactful models. NMR serves a key role as the native token powering this ecosystem. For crypto investors, Numeraire warrants consideration as both a utility asset and financial investment.

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