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Orchid is a decentralized, open-source cryptocurrency project with the goal of revolutionizing online privacy and the digital currency marketplace. It has developed a novel peer-to-peer, incentivized privacy network for enabling anonymous internet access and digital asset trading.

The native token of the Orchid network is OXT. This in-depth guide covers everything you need to know about the Orchid project, its privacy solution, and the role of its native OXT cryptocurrency.

What is Orchid Network?

Orchid is building an open marketplace for virtual private networking (VPN) services and other enhanced internet privacy tools. Its cornerstone is a decentralized network of VPN providers, bandwidth contributors, and users.

The network matches users seeking private internet access with VPN service providers who stake OXT tokens to offer bandwith capacity. Users pay for VPN services in OXT which is distributed to the provider and bandwidth contributor.

By creating a decentralized P2P market for VPN services, Orchid aims to offer affordable, secure and private internet access to the masses while incentivizing participants to contribute bandwidth and stake OXT.

Key Components of Orchid Network

The Orchid network consists of 3 main roles:

  • Users — Regular internet users who want private, surveillance-free internet access can use the Orchid app to connect to the network. They pay tiny amounts in OXT on a pay-per-use basis.
  • Bandwidth Contributors — Anyone can contribute spare bandwidth to the network by downloading the Orchid software and staking OXT. They earn OXT from users for sharing bandwidth resources.
  • VPN Providers — Established VPN providers offer privacy services on the Orchid network. They stake OXT to participate and receive payments in OXT from users.

The matching of users to VPN service providers and bandwidth contributors is done on-chain transparently based on available staked OXT using zero-knowledge proofs and advanced cryptography.

OXT Cryptocurrency

OXT is the ERC-20 utility token that powers the Orchid network. It has multiple functions:

  • Staking — OXT is staked by VPN providers and bandwidth contributors to offer services and earn revenue. More staked OXT means better rewards.
  • Payment — Users pay for VPN usage by purchasing and spending OXT. Service providers earn OXT as revenue.
  • Governance — OXT holders can participate in governing the platform by staking and voting on proposals.

The fixed supply of OXT is 1 billion tokens. OXT is deflationary as fees paid by users are burned to reduce supply permanantly. Being the native token of a decentralized privacy platform gives OXT huge utility potential.

Benefits of Orchid

Orchid offers several benefits to users looking for digital privacy and asset holders valuing anonymity:

  1. Secure Privacy — Orchid offers enterprise-grade encrypted connections to protect user privacy and digital activity. There is no storage of personal data.
  2. Affordability — On-demand pricing for VPN usage is extremely affordable starting under $1. Compared to big providers, costs are up to 90% cheaper.
  3. Speed — Orchid’s incentivized P2P architecture delivers fast connection speeds for smooth internet access.
  4. Simplicity — The Orchid app makes buying VPN access easy with no configuration needed. Just download, pay in OXT and connect securely.
  5. Anonymity — By preserving privacy, Orchid enables anonymous management of cryptocurrency assets and blockchain activity.
  6. Resistance — Orchid’s decentralized nature makes it resistant to surveillance, censorship and service shutdowns.

The Future of Orchid

Orchid has huge growth potential as demand for digital privacy solutions keeps rising globally. Its decentralized architecture and innovative utility of OXT make it one of the most ambitious and promising blockchain projects emerging in the privacy space.

With development ongoing, the introduction of new privacy tools beyond VPN, integration with Ethereum layer 2 scaling solutions, and expanding adoption could significantly drive OXT valuations higher as a core enabler of internet privacy and freedom.


Orchid is spearheading innovation in digital privacy through its decentralized and incentivized marketplace for VPN services and its native OXT cryptocurrency. It provides easy, affordable and surveillance-resistant internet access for the mainstream while creating new utility for Ethereum-based digital assets.

With internet privacy becoming a premium, Orchid seems poised to make major inroads and cement OXT’s status as the privacy token of the open web.

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