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ArbiTool is an automated cryptocurrency trading bot designed to capitalize on arbitrage opportunities on decentralized exchanges. The bot scans markets across different exchanges to identify price discrepancies and execute trades to take advantage of them.

ArbiTool was developed by a team of engineers and quantitative analysts and has been operational since 2019. It is designed to be easy to use for crypto traders of all skill levels.

How ArbiTool’s Automated Trading Works

ArbiTool utilizes advanced algorithms to constantly monitor markets and identify profitable arbitrage opportunities. The main strategies include:

  • Triangular Arbitrage — This involves trading across three cryptocurrency pairs on different exchanges to take advantage of pricing inefficiencies while avoiding exposure to currency risk. For example, trading BTC/USD, USD/ETH and ETH/BTC.
  • Inter-Exchange Arbitrage — Buying crypto on an exchange where the price is low and selling immediately on another exchange where the price is higher.
  • Market-Neutral Strategies — Executing trades across multiple exchanges to capitalize on price discrepancies while remaining market neutral.

These opportunities exist due to inefficiencies across different exchanges and lag times in prices adjusting to new information. ArbiTool is designed to capitalize on them quickly using automated trading bots.

Once an opportunity is identified, ArbiTool executes the trades across exchanges via API interfaces. Trades happen nearly instantaneously to ensure profitable execution.

Key Features and Benefits

ArbiTool offers several features and benefits for crypto traders:

  1. Automated Trading — The bots run 24/7 hunting for and capitalizing on opportunities. No manual intervention needed.
  2. Speed — Trades executed in milliseconds to take advantage of fleeting arbitrage windows.
  3. Exchanges — Support for over a dozen top crypto exchanges with more being added.
  4. Algorithms — Proprietary algorithms developed by quant professionals for maximum results.
  5. Ease of Use — Easy to setup and use even for non-technical traders. Intuitive dashboard and configurations.
  6. Notifications — Optional notifications via Telegram or email on key account stats and events.
  7. Security — Bank-grade security and encryption measures to protect user assets and data.

By automating the arbitrage process, ArbiTool allows traders to efficiently capitalize on market opportunities without having to monitor markets manually.

ArbiTool Use Cases

ArbiTool is flexible enough to benefit different types of crypto traders:

  1. Passive Income — The main use case is generating relatively low risk passive income from arbitrage trading. The bot runs and collects profits automatically.
  2. Market Making — Larger traders can provide liquidity across exchanges while earning from spreads. Acts as a decentralized market maker.
  3. Hedging — Execute inter-exchange arbitrage as a way to hedge risk in crypto holdings.
  4. Alpha Generation — For quantitative hedge funds, ArbiTool can be incorporated into broader quantitative strategies.
  5. Liquidity Mining — Earn additional yield from liquidity mining programs on DEXs.

ArbiTool is robust enough for active trading firms but easy enough for crypto enthusiasts to start earning from arbitrage.

Evaluating ArbiTool as a Trading Tool

When evaluating ArbiTool, it is important to look at some key factors:

  1. Does it consistently generate positive returns from arbitrage spreads and opportunities?
  2. How effective is it at managing risk across multiple positions and exchanges?
  3. Does it provide clarity into trading strategies, performance metrics, and portfolio details?
  4. Is the setup, configuration and management process easy for non-developers?
  5. Does the pricing model provide good value compared to performance benefits?
  6. Are best practices for crypto asset security followed?

According to user reviews, ArbiTool scores well across these criteria compared to alternatives. However, as with any trading bot, investors should evaluate it thoroughly based on their own requirements.


In summary, ArbiTool is an innovative trading tool that automates exploiting arbitrage opportunities in cryptocurrency markets. For traders interested in earning passive income or running market making strategies, ArbiTool provides an effective solution.

Looking ahead, further development of decentralized exchanges and increased adoption should create even more arbitrage opportunities making tools like ArbiTool potentially even more valuable. As with any cryptocurrency investment, proper due diligence is required before using ArbiTool. But overall it offers an intriguing value proposition for crypto traders.

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