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ASD was launched in 2021 as the utility token for the ASD blockchain and application platform. The total max supply of ASD is capped at 10 billion tokens. It is based on the ERC-20 standard and can be stored in any Ethereum-compatible wallet.

ASD is the native cryptocurrency that powers the ASD network, a blockchain platform for decentralized social media and content sharing.

The ASD network aims to be a decentralized alternative to traditional social media networks using blockchain technology. The ASD token facilitates all activities and transactions within the ecosystem.

Key Features of the ASD Platform

Some of the key features provided by the ASD network include:

  • Decentralized social feed for sharing posts, photos, videos.
  • User profiles with customizable avatars and bios.
  • ASD-based tipping and payments between users.
  • Multi-coin wallet integrated into the app.
  • Minting and trading of NFT collectibles.
  • Governance through ASD staking and voting.

ASD serves as the underlying currency powering all these interactions in a transparent and censorship-resistant manner.

Benefits of Using ASD Cryptocurrency

There are several beneficial uses of the ASD token for platform users:

  1. Tipping content creators — Users can tip posts they like directly with ASD tokens. This incentivizes quality content creation.
  2. Accessing premium features — Additional functionality may require payment using ASD. For example, increased profile customization options.
  3. Transaction fees — Activities like posting require a small ASD transaction fee to get processed by the network.
  4. Staking and governance — ASD holders can stake tokens to participate in governing the platform’s future development.
  5. NFT purchases — Users can buy and sell NFT collectibles created on the ASD network using the ASD token.

ASD Token Distribution and Supply Schedule

The max supply of 10 billion ASD will be distributed over time via:

  • Mining rewards for validators securing the network.
  • Ecosystem fund to support growth.
  • Founding team and advisor rewards.
  • Community treasury and airdrops.
  • Decentralized app development incentives.

This controlled distribution aims to provide long-term sustainability for the ASD ecosystem and token value appreciation.

Roadmap for Ecosystem Expansion

The ASD developers have published a roadmap with plans that include:

  1. Releasing iOS and Android apps to boost adoption.
  2. Integrating with leading NFT marketplaces.
  3. Expanding language translations for global reach.
  4. Growing the network of apps built on ASD.
  5. Launching advertising and influencer marketing platforms.

Delivering on these milestones aims to spur utilization and value creation for the ASD token over time.


In summary, ASD is an Ethereum-based utility token that powers a decentralized blockchain ecosystem for social media and user-generated content. If the ambitious ASD network can garner adoption, the ASD token would be positioned for long-term growth and usage potential.

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