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Coin98 is an emerging multi-chain DeFi platform built for the needs of mainstream crypto users and developers. C98 is the native utility token that powers the Coin98 ecosystem. Let’s take an in-depth look at what Coin98 is, how it works, and the potential of the C98 token.

Coin98 aims to provide easy cross-chain liquidity and simplified decentralized finance (DeFi) services to make DeFi more accessible. Key elements of the platform include:

  • Cross-chain DEX aggregator and automated liquidity migration.
  • User-friendly wallet, portfolio management and trading apps.
  • Developer tools like widgets, APIs and analytics.
  • Bridge infrastructure enabling interoperability between chains.
  • C98 token incentives and governance capabilities.

By combining a suite of DeFi products with an emphasis on usability, Coin98 seeks to drive mainstream adoption.

The C98 Token

C98 is the utility and governance token that is integral to the Coin98 ecosystem. Some of C98’s key uses include:

  1. Paying gas fees and transaction costs.
  2. Providing access to advanced platform features.
  3. Yield farming and staking incentives.
  4. Protocol governance through voting.
  5. Access to future IFO token launches.
  6. Discounted trading fees on the Coin98 Exchange.

C98 follows a deflationary tokenomics model with a capped supply and coin burn mechanisms to increase scarcity over time.

Coin98 Products and Services

Coin98 currently offers an expanding suite of products for users and developers:

  • Coin98 Wallet — An easy-to-use multi-chain crypto wallet with built-in DEX aggregation and lending features.
  • Coin98 Analytics — On-chain analytics, tracking, and portfolio management tools for investors.
  • Coin98 API — Developers can integrate with Coin98’s infrastructure through its API and SDKs.
  • Coin98 Bridge — Enables transferring assets between different blockchain networks.
  • Coin98 Exchange — A centralized crypto exchange offering spot, margin trading and staking, with discounted fees for C98 holders.

Growth Plans

Coin98 aims to drive adoption by expanding its suite of DeFi products and integrations. Future plans include:

  1. Supporting more blockchain networks.
  2. Launching its own AMM DEX and liquidity protocol.
  3. Expanding fiat onramps and offramps.
  4. Rolling out mobile apps, NFT integrations, and GameFi features.
  5. Growing partnerships with other DeFi protocols.
  6. Community building and marketing outreach in Southeast Asia.


In summary, Coin98 brings an intuitive, multi-chain approach to DeFi that could significantly boost mainstream adoption. C98 tokens serve multiple purposes in aligning incentives between users, developers, and the platform. If it succeeds in its vision, Coin98 could become a leading DeFi gateway. The expanding functionality of the C98 token makes it one to watch.

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