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Ethernity Chain is a newer blockchain project focused on providing a platform for authenticated and verifiable digital art and collectibles. The platform uses a native token called ERN to power its ecosystem.

In this in-depth guide, we’ll explore the origins and goals of Ethernity Chain, its NFT use cases, tokenomics, challenges, and future outlook.

Genesis of Ethernity Chain

Ethernity Chain launched in early 2021 with the goal of bringing trust and authenticity to digital artwork and collectibles. The project emerged from a collaboration between early Ethereum developers and digital artists seeking to solve problems with fake NFTs and insufficient creator rights.

The Ethernity Chain platform utilizes a hybrid Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake blockchain. This architecture aims to optimize security, stability, energy efficiency and support an NFT marketplace.

Ethernity offers two primary services:

  • Authenticated NFTs — Artists can mint tokenized artwork as verified NFTs directly signed using their private key. This prevents fakes or unauthorized copies.
  • Royalties system — Artists receive 10% royalties automatically on secondary NFT sales. This ensures creators share in downstream market value.

By solving pain points around fraud and royalties, Ethernity hopes to onboard more digital creators into Web3 and the world of cryptoart NFTs.

ERN Tokenomics

The ERN token is the native utility and governance token of Ethernity Chain. Here are its key tokenomics:

  • Max supply — 30 million ERN.
  • Current circulation — 13.4 million ERN.
  • Initial price — $3.00 in March 2021 public sale.
  • Current price — $2.12 (as of March 2023).
  • Consensus — Proof-of-Stake.
  • Inflation — Disinflationary with diminishing annual issuance until max supply reached.

ERN has use cases including paying for NFT fees, staking for rewards, and voting on network proposals. By aligning incentives around ERN staking, Ethernity aims to maintain an active and loyal community.

Notable Partnerships and Adoption

Ethernity has partnered with various celebrities, brands, and IP owners to tokenzie unique collectibles on its platform, including:

  • BossLogic — Premier comic and pop culture artist who released multiple exclusive NFTs on Ethernity.
  • Muhammad Ali — Legendary boxer’s estate releasing collection of authenticated boxing gear.
  • Formula 1 drivers like Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc for exclusive racing NFTs.

The platform has also seen over $25 million in total sales volume since launch. However, this adoption remains relatively modest compared to NFT leaders like OpenSea.

Challenges Facing Ethernity

Despite its novel authentication features, Ethernity faces challenges gaining share in a crowded NFT space, including:

  1. Newer blockchain competing with Ethereum’s dominant network effects.
  2. Relatively complex authentication processes compared to alternatives.
  3. Highly fragmented NFT landscape across multiple markets like OpenSea, Magic Eden, etc.
  4. Lack of clear roadmap and regular product upgrades to improve platform.
  5. Low trading activity and illiquidity for ERN token since 2021 price peak.

Future Outlook

Ethernity offers an interesting value proposition by solving problems like fake NFTs and empowering creators through royalties. However, execution challenges remain in terms of technology, marketing, and competing in a dynamic NFT industry.

The project would benefit from clearer roadmap execution, investments in product R&D, pursuing top-tier artist partnerships, and incentivizing ERN utilization. With greater focus, Ethernity could still emerge as a leading platform for provably authentic digital collectibles and artwork.


In summary, Ethernity Chain targets issues like fraud and royalty payments that remain common critiques of the NFT market. By solving real problems for artists and collectors, Ethernity appears positioned to make inroads with its authentication features and strategic partnerships. However, questions around technology, tokenomics, and long-term roadmap remain.

Ultimately, Ethernity’s success will hinge on consistent execution towards being the premier platform for verified, fraud-proof NFTs that puts creators first through royalties and rights protection.

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