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Flamingo Coin (FLM) is the governance token of Flamingo Finance, a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform built on the Neo blockchain. Launched in 2020, Flamingo aims to bring interoperability and a suite of DeFi applications to Neo ecosystem users.

Origins and Founding Team

Flamingo Finance was founded by the Neo Global Development (NGD) team. Neo is an enterprise-focused blockchain network that raised nearly $100 million through one of the first initial coin offerings (ICOs) in 2017.

Da Hongfei and Erik Zhang who founded Neo are also the key leaders behind Flamingo. The project is backed by NGD’s strong technical team with experience building the Neo mainnet.

Flamingo leverages Neo’s user base and developer community while aiming to expand the network’s DeFi capabilities as Ethereum gas fees increased in 2020.

Flamingo’s Products and Offerings

Flamingo’s roadmap focuses on bringing cross-chain interoperability and various DeFi products to Neo which currently lacks these capabilities natively.

  • Interoperable Assets Bridge. The Flamingo Bridge lets users transfer assets between Neo and Ethereum bi-directionally. This lets Neo users access Ethereum’s broader DeFi ecosystem.
  • Liquidity Hub and AMM. FlamingoSwap allows decentralized crypto-to-crypto trading using an automated market maker (AMM) model like Uniswap. Users can provide liquidity and earn fees.
  • Vault and Yield Farming. The Flamingo Vault incentivizes users to stake, lend, and borrow tokens by distributing FLM rewards. This brings yield farming opportunities to Neo.
  • Native Stablecoin. Flamingo plans to introduce a multi-collateral stablecoin similar to DAI but native to Neo, ensuring price stability.

Analysis of the FLM Token

The FLM token has multiple utilities on Flamingo Finance:

  • Governance — FLM holders can vote on protocol changes and key policies.
  • Transaction Fees — A portion of all fees is distributed to stakers and liquidity providers pro-rata.
  • Collateral — FLM will be usable as collateral for borrowing. Higher borrowing demand could create buy pressure.
  • Staking — FLM is required for certain yield-bearing vaults and pools.

FLM’s value is thus strongly linked to the growth and adoption of Flamingo Finance across products like its AMM, vaults, and stablecoin.

Project Traction and Criticisms

In terms of user adoption, Flamingo saw fast initial traction but interest slowed down by mid-2021. Critics argue the protocol lacks differentiation from Ethereum-based DeFi.

However, Flamingo’s daily active users and total value locked still places it among the top projects on Neo. The protocol facilitates over $1 Billion in swaps yearly.

Flamingo remains one of the leading avenues for Neo ecosystem users to access DeFi functionality. The project plans to introduce more cross-chain integrations and products tailored to institutional investors on Neo.


In summary, Flamingo Coin stems from Neo’s experienced technical team and aims to bring interchain operability and DeFi to the ecosystem. FLM has strong utility but faces adoption challenges relative to Ethereum DeFi. The project’s evolution and user growth need monitoring as Neo pursues its DeFi roadmap goals.

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