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IQ Coin is an Ethereum-based token focused on providing governance and value accrual within an ecosystem of crypto trading platforms. The project aims to enable community-driven development and collective ownership.

The IQ Coin project was founded in 2018 with the goal of creating a token that could play a central role across a suite of connected trading products and tools. Some of the core design elements of IQ Coin include:

  1. Issued as an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain.
  2. Fixed maximum supply of 10 billion IQ tokens.
  3. Designed for liquidity mining incentives and platform governance.
  4. Backed by the team behind several crypto exchanges.

By pegging the token to existing trading infrastructure, the project seeks to bootstrap meaningful utility and fundamental value for IQ.

Linkage to Crypto Exchange Ecosystem

A key strategy of IQ Coin is linking the token’s success to a network of trading platforms owned by the founding team. These include:

  • Bibox — Top 10 crypto exchange launched in 2017.
  • BiKi — AI-driven exchange with robust offerings.
  • ChainV — Investment product suite for professional traders.

IQ Coin implements loyalty rewards, fee discounts, and other benefits across these exchanges to drive adoption. Bibox and BiKi also contribute some trading fees into IQ rewards pools.

The goal is a virtuous cycle where platforms success boosts IQ Coin, while IQ Coin participation in turn improves the platforms.

IQ Coin’s Role and Utility

IQ Coin is embedded throughout the partnered exchanges in several ways:

  • Liquidity mining — Users can stake IQ to earn a portion of platform fees.
  • Voting — IQ holders have input on exchange developments and governance.
  • Discounts — Staking IQ provides discounted trading fees on partners.
  • Exclusive access — Some promotions only eligible for IQ holders.

This multi-channel utility aims to build sustainable demand for the token based on real-world incentives.

IQ Coin Smart Contracts

As an ERC-20 token, IQ Coin relies on a series of smart contracts on Ethereum to manage its distribution, staking, governance, and other key functions:

  • IQToken — Primary token contract containing balances and transfers.
  • IQLocker — Manages token locking/unlocking for staked balances.
  • IQDAO — DAO module for proposing and voting on governance issues.
  • IQIncentive — Distributes liquidity mining rewards to participating users.

These contracts enable transparency while giving IQ coinholders significant influence over the ecosystem.

Token Supply Mechanics

IQ has a fixed maximum supply of 10 billion tokens. The initial token generation event distributed 5 billion IQ, with the remainder to be gradually mined via liquidity incentives.

The cost of mining new IQ organically rises over time as the circulating supply approaches 10 billion. This encourages early adoption while preserving incentives long-term.

Ongoing burning of a portion of spending fees also deflates supply over time counteracting mining issuance.


In summary, IQ Coin presents a unique approach of aligning an Ethereum token with existing crypto trading platforms to bootstrap an engaged community with shared ownership.

By integrating deeply with major exchanges like Bibox, IQ benefits from proven trade volume and liquidity from day one. The project’s success hinges on the effective execution of its ecosystem integration and aligned incentives model.

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