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MUX Protocol is a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform that aims to provide simple, low-cost hedging and stablecoin solutions for cryptocurrency users. Its native token MCB facilitates operations on the platform.

The MUX Protocol platform launched in 2021 with the goal of making hedging and minimizing volatility accessible for all crypto market participants. Its core products include:

  • Low-slippage swaps between stablecoins and volatile coins.
  • Trustless collateralized loans — borrow stablecoins using crypto as collateral.
  • MUX Stable Saver — interest earning stablecoin savings account.
  • MUX One — basket of top DeFi tokens for diversification.

These instruments allow traders, investors and businesses to hedge risk on crypto holdings. MUX focuses on user experience and accessibility.

Utility of the MCB Token

MCB is the native utility and governance token that powers MUX Protocol. Holders can use MCB in several ways:

  1. Stake MCB for yield farming rewards and protocol fees.
  2. Use MCB as collateral for loans on the platform.
  3. Get MCB discounts on trading and borrowing fees.
  4. Vote on governance proposals as a platform stakeholder.

MCB is designed as a value-accrual model token. As the protocol grows, more utility demand for MCB increases its value.

Staking and Governance

MCB holders can stake their tokens to passively earn yield. Staking rewards come from three sources:

  1. Protocol swap fees.
  2. Liquidation penalties.
  3. Minting and burning of partner project tokens.

Stakers also receive MCB governance rights to vote on upgrades, new feature implementation, and key parameters.

Token Distribution and Funds Usage

The total maximum supply of MCB is 100 million tokens. The distribution is:

  • 20% sold in public and private token sales.
  • 20% to the founding team and advisors.
  • 15% allocated to the community fund.
  • 45% set aside for staking rewards and platform incentives.

Proceeds fund ongoing development, liquidity provisions, platform promotions, and integrations with DeFi partners.

Roadmap and Future Plans

MUX has an extensive roadmap planned including:

  1. Launch MUX Exchange for fast, low-cost crypto trading.
  2. Support for major stablecoins like USDT, USDC, DAI.
  3. MUX Vault for optimized yield strategies.
  4. MUX SDK for developers to integrate stablecoin tools.
  5. Layer 2 solutions to reduce gas costs.
  6. Regional expansion in Asia markets.

More MCB utility integrations and staking incentives will launch in conjunction.

Competitor Analysis

MUX competes with other DeFi hedge and stablecoin platforms like MakerDAO, UMA Protocol, Frax Finance and Alchemix. Its focus on simplicity and beginner-friendliness differentiates its value proposition.

MCB tokenomics are designed for long-term alignment with the protocol’s growth. This helps foster a committed community and liquidity pool that is mutually invested in the platform.


MUX Protocol aims to bring simplified yet powerful hedging products to cryptocurrency markets. Its MCB token aligns incentives between platform developers, liquidity providers, and end users to grow a sustainable DeFi ecosystem. The MUX roadmap has many promising applications in development that could significantly expand adoption and utility demand for MCB.

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