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NvirWorld is an ambitious blockchain-based project that aims to create a virtual reality world with a fully integrated economic system. The NVIR token is the native currency that powers this virtual universe.

NvirWorld is developing a sprawling 3D virtual reality environment powered by blockchain technology. Within this metaverse, users can acquire virtual land plots as NFTs, build custom structures and environments, and monetize their creations.

The project was founded in 2022 by digital artist Tran Tien Tung, known as Foggy. His team aims to create an immersive alternate reality for work, play, and creative expression. The alpha version of NvirWorld is slated for release in 2023.

Key Features of the NvirWorld Metaverse

NvirWorld will incorporate cutting-edge features to bring its virtual world to life:

  1. Photorealistic 3D graphics and physics for seamless immersion.
  2. User-owned virtual real estate and NFTs tradable on the marketplace.
  3. Social networking mechanisms for exploring zones and connecting with others.
  4. Scripting tools to construct interactive objects, games, and applications.
  5. In-world transactions powered by the NVIR token and integrated wallets.
  6. Support for AR/VR devices as well as desktop and mobile apps.

Overview of the NVIR Token

The NVIR token is an essential component of the NvirWorld ecosystem. It has a number of uses:

  1. Purchasing virtual real estate parcels and items in the NvirWorld metaverse.
  2. Transaction fees for trades, transfers, and interactions within the world.
  3. Staking and governance rights to guide future developments.
  4. Rewards and incentives for content creators and core contributors.

NVIR will be a finite supply ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. The team conducts IDO raises in phases to fund ongoing development.

Launch Phases and Roadmap

NvirWorld is launching in multiple stages:

  • 2022 — Project inception, team building, early VC funding.
  • 2023 — Alpha launch of the basic NvirWorld environment on desktop.
  • 2024 — Integrated VR support, mobile apps, full NVIR tokenomics.
  • 2025 — Continued enhancements and increased world size, users, and content.

The Project Founders and Team

NvirWorld founder Tran Tien Tung is an established digital artist in Vietnam Known as Foggy. His artworks have exhibited globally and sold for high valuations.

The startup has grown to a team of over 20 experienced developers, designers, architects, and artists to realize the vision. They aim to create the next evolution of social virtual worlds.


With virtual worlds like Decentraland gaining traction, NvirWorld brings a new vision and technical approach to blockchain-based metaverse experiences.

The unified ecosystem and photorealistic environment could provide a platform for the next generation of virtual interaction. NVIR tokens will power this ambitious project as it develops. The coming years will demonstrate NvirWorld’s capabilities in delivering the next evolution of immersive digital realities.

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