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Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have opened up new potential for digital ownership and provable scarcity. Among the many NFT niches, numbered collectible sets are seeing huge interest. Ordinals is an NFT platform specifically tailored to creating and showcasing numbered collectibles dubbed “Ordinals”. This article explores the ORDI token and Ordinals ecosystem.

Introduction to Ordinals

Ordinals provides tools to create numbered NFT collections with customizable attributes and provable scarcity. Some key attributes:

  1. Launched in 2021 after $1.5 million funding round.
  2. Enables easily making NFT collections with sequential numbered editions.
  3. Each edition can have unique customizable properties like images.
  4. Built on the Celo blockchain for environmentally friendly minting.
  5. Uses randomized “Lootbox” style reveals for NFT attributes.
  6. Showcases Ordinals collections in its NFT gallery.
  7. ORDI is the native utility and governance token of the ecosystem.

By specializing in numbered NFT editions, Ordinals offers a new spin on NFT generation and collecting.

Utility of ORDI Token

The ORDI token possesses several forms of utility within the ecosystem:

  • Governance — ORDI holders can vote on platform upgrades and policies.
  • Access — ORDI ownership allows access to exclusive features.
  • Staking — ORDI staking earns yield through protocol fees.
  • Discounts — ORDI holders get discounts on NFT minting and transactions.
  • Validators — ORDI validators help secure the blockchain and process transactions.

This provides a well-rounded incentive structure tied to active ecosystem participation.

Key Benefits for Brands

For brands looking to leverage NFTs, Ordinals offers several advantages:

  1. Turn existing IP into numbered collectible NFTs.
  2. Ability to customize each numbered edition with unique traits.
  3. Built-in randomized revealing creates excitement and engagement.
  4. Leverage scarcity and prestige of limited editions.
  5. Showcase brand NFTs in Ordinals catalogue to build awareness.
  6. Monetize through primary sales and secondary trading royalties.
  7. Use counters and leaderboards to tap into competition.
  8. Utility options like rare tier bonuses, access passes, etc.

These benefits help transition brands into next-gen marketing opportunities.

Creating Numbered NFT Collections

Minters can create numbered Ordinals collections in a few simple steps:

  1. Set overall collection size and number of attributes per NFT.
  2. Upload attribute layers like images, 3D models, colors, etc.
  3. Set supply distribution — e.g. 5 common, 3 rare, 2 ultra rare.
  4. Add metadata like edition name, description, royalties.
  5. Mint NFTs for a fee paid in ORDI.
  6. NFTs are revealed and numbered editions assigned randomized attributes.
  7. The numbered collection can be sold, traded, and showcased.

This streamlined yet customizable process enables anyone to take advantage of the numbered collectible structure.

Growth Potential

Ordinals taps into several promising trends:

  • Surging mainstream interest in NFT collectibles.
  • Appeal of numbered, limited editions with transparent caps.
  • Blending randomized distribution with ordered sequences.
  • Leveraging counter mechanics for engagement and gamification.
  • Ongoing digital transformation of consumer brands via NFTs.

If it can become a leader in technology and best practices around these themes, ORDI and Ordinals could claim a major segment of the exploding NFT landscape.


With the Ordinals platform and ORDI token, this project brings accessible, brand-friendly tools to capitalize on the numbered collectible structure. Its focus on making creation easy and showcasing compelling collections provides value to both producers and collectors in the space. If it can drive continuous adoption from creative minters and engaged communities, ORDI could emerge as a top NFT niche ecosystem play.

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