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Poolin is one of the largest crypto mining pools in the world. Founded in 2017, it has grown to become a leading mining pool for major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash. Poolin aims to make digital mining easier and more profitable for miners through its scale, technology, and financial services.

Overview of Poolin

Poolin was created by the blockchain technology company Bitmaintech Pte Ltd. It is run by co-founders Kevin Pan, Chris Zhu, and Tianzhao Li, as part of Pan’sChina-based blockchain organization Bitdeer.

Poolin operates as a central coordinator between cryptocurrency miners across the globe. By combining small amounts of hashpower from many distributed miners into a single pool, Poolin enables these miners to collectively mine blocks and share the block rewards based on each miner’s contribution.

Major features offered by Poolin include:

  • Support for mining leading POW cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, ETC.
  • A proprietary optimization technology to maximize returns and minimize stale shares.
  • A clean UI with mining profitability metrics and hashrate charts.
  • Settlement of mining rewards every day with low withdrawal fees.
  • Comprehensive set of mining pool statistics and leaderboards.

By Q1 2022, Poolin was mining around 10% of all Bitcoin blocks, making it one of the largest Bitcoin mining pools globally.

Why Mine with Poolin?

There are several benefits for cryptocurrency miners in choosing to mine through Poolin rather than solo mining:

  1. Higher Frequency Rewards — By pooling hashpower, miners can earn a steady stream of smaller mining rewards (rather than rarely getting a large solo reward).
  2. Lower Variance — With pooled mining, reward variance evens out over time compared to solo mining. This provides a more predictable income stream.
  3. Lower Payout Threshold — Pooled mining has a much lower threshold (0.0001 BTC on Poolin) compared to solo mining (1 BTC) to get payouts.
  4. Specialized Pool Features — Large pools like Poolin offer specialized proprietary software, 24/7 support, multiple payout schemes, and detailed statistics.

By leveraging these benefits, Poolin aims to maximize the profitability for retail miners and hedge against uncertainty.

Poolin’s Ecosystem

Beyond just the mining pool, Poolin has expanded into a wider blockchain ecosystem with the following elements:

  • Poolin Wallet — A cryptocurrency wallet supporting spot trading and earning interest on deposits through Poolin Earn.
  • Poolin Earn — A CeFi lending platform where users can earn yield on crypto assets up to 18% APY through Poolin’s institutional partnerships.
  • Poolin Lending — A peer-to-peer crypto lending market to borrow and lend assets within the Poolin community.
  • Madam Miner — A community forum for female cryptocurrency miners.
  • Blockin — A blockchain-based advertising network powered by Poolin.

By leveraging its large user base, Poolin is diversifying into financial services to expand its revenue streams. The Poolin token (PI) ties together the ecosystem’s offerings.

Poolin on the Global Stage

Poolin has established itself among the top five mining pools globally for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies. Some key stats about Poolin’s ecosystem as of 2022:

  • Over 1 million users worldwide.
  • Mining pools for 10+ leading cryptocurrencies.
  • Daily BTC hashrate over 10 EH/s.
  • Settlement of over $18 Million daily for ETH miners.
  • $90 million funds staked on Poolin Earn platform.

Poolin has mining server nodes in over 200 countries, demonstrating its position as a leading global crypto mining pool. With its continued growth, Poolin aims to be an integral component of the decentralized infrastructure supporting top blockchains.


Poolin has rapidly emerged among the top crypto mining pools worldwide through its technology, scale, and ancillary financial services. By bringing together hashpower from thousands of miners and optimizing collective rewards, Poolin provides a compelling platform for both large and small miners alike. As it expands into more cryptocurrencies and financial offerings, Poolin is cementing itself as a one-stop ecosystem for miners.

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