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Pundi X is a blockchain project focused on making cryptocurrency payments accessible to mainstream consumers and merchants. Its network of point-of-sale devices (Pundi XPOS) enables users to easily buy, sell, and transact in crypto. The native PUNDIX token drives transactions across the Pundi X ecosystem.

Since launching in 2017, Pundi X has emerged as a leading crypto POS solutions provider. In this guide, we take an in-depth look at Pundi X and the role of the PUNDIX token.

Overview of Pundi X

Pundi X aims to make digital assets like cryptocurrencies and blockchain tokens accessible to the physical world. Its network of POS terminals allows merchants to accept crypto payments in physical retail stores. Users can buy and sell crypto through these XPOS devices using a mobile wallet app.

Beyond POS capabilities, Pundi X offers additional products including:

  • Mobile crypto wallets.
  • Physical crypto cards.
  • API and SDK for token transactions.
  • Distribution platform for token supply management.

By connecting blockchains to physical sales channels, Pundi X enables cryptocurrency usage in everyday spending.

PUNDIX Token Utility

As the native token of Pundi X, PUNDIX fuels transactions across its ecosystem:

  • Used to pay transaction fees on Pundi XPOS devices.
  • Required for access to Pundi X products and services.
  • Serves as loyalty rewards for ecosystem participation.
  • Used as staking collateral by XPASS token holders.
  • Enables holders to participate in platform governance.

With strong integration in the Pundi X network, PUNDIX aims to become a leading cryptocurrency payments token.

Key Benefits of Pundi X

Some of the key benefits Pundi X provides include:

  1. Enables merchants to easily accept crypto from customers.
  2. Allows users to buy/sell crypto in physical shops.
  3. Familiar POS terminal hardware that merchants already use.
  4. Secure mobile wallets to store/send/receive tokens.
  5. Seamless integration using QR codes and NFC technology.
  6. Expanding network effect as ecosystem grows.

This bridges the gap between the blockchain world and physical retail.

Global Expansion Plans

Pundi X is ambitiously expanding worldwide by:

  1. Shipping over 700,000 XPOS devices to global markets.
  2. Signing up merchants across 25+ countries.
  3. Obtaining licenses and approvals to operate in key markets.
  4. Translating apps into 10+ languages to drive adoption.
  5. Partnering with governments, banks, and payment networks.

The goal is to make Pundi XPOS ubiquitous for crypto payments internationally.


With its network of POS devices, mobile apps, crypto cards, and token ecosystem, Pundi X is accelerating cryptocurrency adoption at the retail level. Seamless integration empowers both merchants and consumers to utilize crypto payments in everyday transactions through familiar interfaces. As adoption grows, Pundi X has the potential to become synonymous with blockchain payments in the physical world.

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