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Sologenic is an ecosystem built to merge decentralized assets and traditional financial markets. Powered by the SOLO token, Sologenic aims to make crypto investing more seamless by enabling users to trade both cryptocurrencies and stocks from a single wallet.

Sologenic is supported by parent company Coreum, a blockchain development firm focused on bridging on-chain and legacy finance. By supporting cross-asset investing in one intuitive platform, Sologenic seeks to significantly expand crypto’s accessibility to mainstream investors and traders.

Key Components of the Sologenic Ecosystem

On-Chain Tokenized Assets

Users can access over 40 cryptocurrencies and stablecoins that are supported on Sologenic’s blockchain such as BTC, ETH, XRP, stablecoins like USDT, as well as the native SOLO token itself. Assets are backed 1:1 when tokenized.

Stock Tokenization

The core innovation of Sologenic is allowing users to trade tokenized versions of major stocks like Tesla, Apple, and Facebook. Tokenized stocks provide exposure to underlying share prices tracked on-chain.

Non-Custodial Wallets

Users maintain control of their private keys when accessing Sologenic’s decentralized finance functions through supported wallets like Ledger, Math Wallet, and XUMM.

Decentralized Trading Platform

Sologenic’s DEX platform SologenicDEX allows on-chain trading between supported crypto assets and tokenized stocks through pooled liquidity and an AMM model.

Fiat On-Ramps

Sologenic ecosystem features fiat-to-crypto onramps including Banxa to help new users easily invest into blockchain assets and stock tokens using payment methods like cards and bank transfers.

NFT Marketplace

Users can mint, buy, sell, and trade NFTs representing collectibles, art, domain names, and other digital assets on Sologenic’s NFT marketplace SOLO DEX.

Benefits for Users

  1. Unified Investing Experience. Sologenic creates a unified dashboard for managing portfolios across traditionally disjointed markets like crypto and traditional equities without toggling between accounts.
  2. Global Asset Exposure. Tokenized stocks allow exposure to shares of international companies by removing geographical restrictions. Markets are open 24/7 unlike traditional trading hours.
  3. Enhanced Liquidity. By pooling liquidity across assets into shared pools, Sologenic improves pricing efficiency and slippage for trades between tokenized stocks, cryptocurrencies, and stablecoins.
  4. Portfolio Diversification. Sologenic users can diversify holdings across both crypto assets and blue-chip stocks to balance risks and returns in one portfolio.

SOLO Token Utilities

As Sologenic’s native token, SOLO powers various functions across the ecosystem:

  1. Pay fees for tokenized stock trades.
  2. Used in DEX pools to provide liquidity and earn a share of trading fees.
  3. Utilized in Sologenic’s tokenized stock lending platform.
  4. Allows minting, listing, and trading NFTs on the SOLO DEX NFT marketplace.
  5. Transaction fee discounts for SOLO holders.

Future Roadmap Goals

Sologenic plans to significantly expand the selection of supported tokenized stocks and tokenized ETFs to improve diversity of investment exposure.

Extensions to additional layer 1 chains are planned to port over components of the DeFi ecosystem and NFT marketplace for cross-chain interoperability.

Priority areas for growing adoption include onboarding more fiat gateways, integrating with wallets and platforms, and expanding localization and community support.


In summary, Sologenic provides a sophisticated platform for managing portfolios spanning both decentralized and traditional assets within one unified wallet.

By bridging these two financial worlds, Sologenic unlocks new opportunities for investors to efficiently diversify and trade across currencies, crypto assets, stocks, and NFTs. As adoption progresses, Sologenic aims to become the premiere gateway for moving between the old and new economies.

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