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As the Solana ecosystem experiences massive growth, Solstarter has emerged as its go-to IDO launchpad for launching new crypto projects. With a community-driven approach optimized for the speed of Solana, Solstarter is accelerating the next generation of Web3 startups built on Solana’s infrastructure.

Introduction to Solstarter

Founded in 2021, Solstarter aims to be the most founder-friendly launchpad for Solana-based projects. Its core offerings include:

  • IDO Platform — Projects can launch token sales directly to the Solstarter community.
  • Solana Incubator — Providing guidance and support for early-stage Solana startups.
  • Network of Investors — Connecting projects with VCs, crypto funds, angels, and individual investors.
  • Community Partners — Events, incentives and partnerships to drive engagement and growth.
  • Project Support — End-to-end support including tech audits, token minting, liquidity bootstrapping, and launch marketing.

Why Solstarter is Unique

Solstarter differentiates itself through its specialization for the Solana ecosystem, community-driven ethos, and streamlined UX.

  1. Built for Solana. With features optimized for Solana’s speed and low fees, Solstarter simplifies launching projects on Solana compared to Ethereum-based alternatives.
  2. Engaged Community. A network of passionate Solana supporters provides founders with engaged communities from day one.
  3. Streamlined Experience. Easy-to-use dashboards and processes reduce friction for founders throughout the launchpad experience.
  4. Founder-Friendly. Solstarter’s incubation programs and extensive support aim to empower founders rather than extract value from them.#

Benefits for Solana Projects

For Solana-based crypto projects, Solstarter provides a number of key advantages:

  1. Turnkey Token Launching. From minting tokens to bootstrapping liquidity, Solstarter handles all the intricacies of launching a token.
  2. Instant Community & Exposure. Tapping into Solstarter’s existing community amplifies a project’s reach and momentum from the moment of launch.
  3. Unified Launchpad Process. Fundraising, marketing, tech auditing, and community growth are facilitated together through Solstarter’s unified systems.
  4. Support for Long-Term Growth. Incubation programs, tokenomics design, and ongoing support smooth the path beyond launch day for sustainable growth.
  5. Expert Guidance. Both technical and business guidance from Solstarter’s team helps founders avoid pitfalls and succeed long-term.

SOLST Token Explained

The SOLST token is Solstarter’s native utility and governance token. Its functions include:

  • Launchpad Governance. SOLST holders can participate in governing Solstarter’s IDO platform, voting on policies and new project approvals.
  • Staking & Allocation. Users stake SOLST for allocations in project IDO sales proportional to their SOLST stake.
  • Platform Revenue Share. A portion of revenues are distributed to SOLST stakers through staking rewards.
  • Trading Incentives. SOLST unlocks benefits like preferred access, reduced fees, and boosted allocations on Solstarter’s integrated DEX Soldex.

The Solstarter IDO Process

Solstarter’s IDO process is designed to be as streamlined as possible:

  1. Projects apply and are evaluated based on viability, use cases, experience etc.
  2. Approved projects work with Solstarter’s team on incubator programs, audits, and launch planning.
  3. SOLST holders vote on approval for the project to proceed to IDO.
  4. Participants stake SOLST during the allocation period to earn IDO slots.
  5. The project’s tokens are sold during a defined IDO, after which liquidity is bootstrapped.
  6. Tokens get listed on DEXs like Soldex for broader community trading.
  7. Marketing support helps drive ongoing momentum post-launch.

Accelerating Solana Innovation

As a high-performance blockchain built for scalability, Solana is uniquely positioned to power the next wave of Web3 innovation with features like:

  • Industry-leading transaction speeds of 50k TPS.
  • Low fees of $0.00025 per transaction.
  • Fast finality under 500ms.
  • High capacity currently supporting 800+ projects.
  • Developer friendly framework.

This has fueled exponential growth in Solana’s DeFi and NFT ecosystems. Solstarter provides the launchpad interface perfectly tailored to harness this surging developer activity and turn ideas into thriving communities.


Solstarter represents the premier gateway for crypto projects to leverage Solana’s high speed, low cost infrastructure to launch decentralized applications with the power to redefine markets. By combining a polished user experience, deep Solana ecosystem expertise, and a community-centric ethos, Solstarter is accelerating the next generation of ideas that will shape the future of finance, culture, gaming, and more on Solana.

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