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Stablecoins pegged to fiat currencies like the US dollar are growing rapidly in cryptocurrency markets due to their price stability. Many stablecoin projects offer opportunities to earn attractive interest yields on stablecoin holdings, providing regular passive income streams. This article will explore popular stablecoins providing yield opportunities, where the interest comes from, and key factors for investors to consider.

Top Stablecoins With Yields

Here are some of the top stablecoins offering interest yields:


Coinbase-backed stablecoin with up to 15% APY on Circle accounts and DeFi platforms.

Gemini Dollar (GUSD)

Gemini exchange’s stablecoin with up to 8% yield on Gemini Earn and other lending pools.

Tether (USDT)

The largest stablecoin by market cap with 5-10% yields on various centralized and DeFi lending platforms.


MakerDAO’s decentralized stablecoin with 2-5% variable yield for holders and up to 10% in DeFi.


Regulated stablecoin from TrustToken with up to 10% yield on various finance platforms.

Where Do Stablecoin Yields Come From?

Stablecoin yields are generated from interest earned on collateral and activities like:

  1. Lending to institutions, market makers, and other counterparties.
  2. Pooling stablecoins in liquidity pools to earn trading fees.
  3. Staking stablecoins in yield optimization protocols.
  4. Retail banking through issuer savings accounts.
  5. Investing collateral in other yield generating assets.

By passing through this interest to holders, stablecoins can offer attractive passive returns.

Benefits of Stablecoin Yields

Key benefits of earning yield on stablecoin holdings include:

  1. Mitigates inflation — Interest income counteracts inflation’s impact on cash savings.
  2. Recurring income stream — Daily or monthly compounding interest provides consistent cash flow.
  3. Flexible terms — Can redeem stablecoins at any point unlike locked accounts.
  4. High yields — Up to 15% APY, far more than traditional savings rates.
  5. Low risk — Assets remain denominated in fiat currency equivalents.

This makes stablecoin interest products appealing to conservative investors.

Risk Considerations

While stablecoin yields present unique opportunities, potential risks include:

  1. Collateral risk — Requires due diligence on issuers’ balance sheets and collateral management.
  2. Smart contract risk — DeFi yields rely on code without intermediaries to remedy flaws.
  3. Regulatory uncertainty — Evolving global regulations create potential compliance risks.
  4. Tax implications — Interest earned may be classified as taxable income in many jurisdictions.

Analyzing risk factors helps investors evaluate different stablecoin yield opportunities.


With yields far exceeding traditional cash savings rates, stablecoins present a practical way for cryptocurrency users to generate regular passive income. As adoption increases, expect innovation in stablecoin yield products that balance attractive returns with security, compliance, and transparency. Analyzing product structure, collateralization, smart contract risk, and other factors is key to navigating this rapidly evolving landscape of high-yield crypto-native stablecoins.

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