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Syscoin is a decentralized network focused on enabling scalable marketplaces and asset tokenization. How does Syscoin differentiate itself in the blockchain ecosystem?


Syscoin was originally conceived as a more secure and optimized version of Bitcoin in 2014. In recent years, it has evolved uniquely to support tokenized assets and decentralized marketplaces.

Consensus Model

Syscoin combines Bitcoin’s proven PoW mining with masternodes similar to Dash to enhance scalability and incentives. This hybrid model improves on tradeoffs faced by pure PoW or PoS models.

Transactions and Fees

Syscoin utilizes Z-DAG technology to bundle transactions off-chain and settle many in a single block. This allows for very high throughput and negligible fees compared to Ethereum.

Smart Contract Platform

While less robust than Ethereum, Syscoin does support smart contracts for asset tokenization and marketplaces. Fees are a fraction of Ethereum’s, making microtransactions practical.

NFT and Asset Tokenization

A key feature is Syscoin’s ability to mint fully-compliant NFTs and fungible tokens at scale. Assets become tradable directly on Syscoin’s network in a decentralized manner.

Decentralized Marketplace

Syscoin uniquely offers a permissionless decentralized marketplace for trading NFTs and tokenized assets with zero fees. This provides an alternative to centralized exchanges.

Interoperability and Sidechains

Bridge technology is in development to allow transfer of tokens and data between Syscoin and other blockchains. Off-chain scaling via sidechains is also planned to enhance throughput.


Syscoin balances decentralization with optional transparent governance mechanisms like community treasury oversight. This contrasts with Bitcoin’s slower-moving community-driven model.

In summary, Syscoin brings highly scalable asset tokenization, marketplaces, and sidechains to compete with both public blockchains and centralized exchanges in innovative ways.

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