The Best Sites for DYOR (Do Your Own Research) of Crypto Market на сайте Nedvio

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«DYOR» or doing your own research is crucial before investing in any coins. Here are the top websites for researching cryptocurrencies, blockchain projects, market data, news, and discussions.

Crypto Project Research

CoinMarketCap ( — Tracks thousands of coins with market data, listings, blog and forums.

CoinGecko ( — Analyzes crypto prices, fundamentals, metrics and developer activity.

Messari ( — Research reports, financials and profiles for crypto projects.

CoinBureau ( — YouTube channel and site reviewing crypto assets in-depth.

Blockchain Analysis

Etherscan ( — Explores Ethereum blockchain data like transactions, smart contracts, fees, and analytics.

BitInfoCharts ( — Visualizes data on Bitcoin and other blockchains like average transactions. ( — Compares technical specs, transaction speeds, volumes, and fees across different cryptocurrencies and blockchains.

Industry News and Blogs

CoinDesk ( — Leading crypto news coverage and analysis.

CryptoSlate ( — Curated articles and news on cryptocurrencies.

BeInCrypto ( — News, market updates, and educational explainers.

CoinTelegraph ( — Articles and coverage of crypto markets and events.

Discussion Forums

BitcoinTalk ( — One of the largest and oldest crypto forums.

Reddit — Subreddits like r/CryptoCurrency ( have vibrant discussions.

Twitter — Follow and participate in crypto conversations.

Discord — Project communities often have Discords for member chats.

Podcasts and Videos

Coin Bureau ( — Popular YouTube channel analyzing crypto projects.

Bankless ( — Podcast and blog focused on decentralized finance.

Unchained ( — In-depth interviews with crypto developers and leaders.

Digital Asset News ( — News and educational crypto videos.

Harnessing multiple research resources allows cross-validating information and broadening knowledge on the fast-moving cryptocurrency space. never rely on a single source alone before investing.

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