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Toko Token (TKO) is the native utility token that powers the Toko crypto trading ecosystem. Toko is a decentralized trading protocol built on the Cardano blockchain that aims to be a faster, cheaper and more secure alternative to existing centralized crypto exchanges.

The TKO token has multiple use cases on the Toko platform including settlement of trading fees, staking, governance and more.

Key Features of the Toko Ecosystem

Some of the standout features of the Toko ecosystem enabled by the TKO token include:

Decentralized Trading

Toko offers a decentralized exchange allowing users to trade crypto asset pairs without depositing funds into a centralized third party. Trades occur via an automated market maker model.

Speed and Low Fees

By building on Cardano, Toko claims to offer faster trade execution with lower transaction fees compared to Ethereum-based DEXs. The platform uses off-chain matching of orders before settling on-chain.

Liquidity and Staking

TKO holders can stake their tokens to become liquidity providers on Toko exchange pools and earn a share of trading fees. Users can also stake TKO for governance rights.


Toko leverages Cardano’s Ouroboros proof-of-stake consensus which provides security against 51% attacks that some DEXs face. Users have control over funds at all times.

Margin Trading

Toko offers margin trading features allowing traders to open leveraged long or short positions across various trading pairs.

TKO Tokenomics

Here are some of the key details about TKO’s tokenomics:

  • Max Supply: 10,000,000,000 TKO.
  • Initial Circulating Supply: 1,394,935,248 TKO.
  • Distribution: 52% to community offerings, 21.4% to Cardano ecosystem fund, 13.2% to foundations, 8.8% to team, 4.6% to advisors.

40% of TKO tokens are allocated towards community mining and staking rewards. Another 21.4% goes to the Cardano ecosystem fund to support growth of its blockchain.

Roadmap and Recent Developments

Toko has an ambitious roadmap planned with some recent progress:

  1. Launch of the first version of Toko crypto exchange on Cardano testnet in Q3 2021.
  2. Introduction of TKO staking rewards, NFT raffles and trading fee mining programs ahead of mainnet launch in 2022.
  3. Partnerships with blockchain ecosystems like Ergo to bring new trading pairs.
  4. Launch of lending/borrowing platform TokoEarn allowing users to earn interest on crypto assets or borrow funds.
  5. Upcoming plans to launch an AMM based DEX, integrate NFT trading and add features like derivatives trading.

Benefits of the TKO Token

As the native token of the Toko ecosystem, TKO provides the following benefits:

  1. Utility for paying trading fees and accessing platform features.
  2. Allows holders to stake and earn rewards including a share of trading volumes.
  3. Gives holders governance rights to participate in decision making.
  4. Serves as an incentive alignment mechanism to grow the Toko platform.


In summary, Toko Token aims to power a faster and less expensive decentralized trading alternative while still ensuring a high level of security. With Cardano’s community supporting it, Toko could see significant adoption if executed well. The expanding utility of the TKO token both on the exchange side and lending makes it an interesting cryptocurrency to monitor going forward.

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