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For those new to cryptocurrency, crypto faucets offer an easy way to obtain small amounts of digital coins for free to learn about crypto and blockchain mechanics. Here we explore 10 leading crypto faucet options.

What Are Crypto Faucets?

A crypto faucet is a website or app that dispenses small amounts of cryptocurrency as a reward for completing simple tasks like solving captchas, playing games, or watching ads. The name comes from the idea of an intermittent water faucet dripping free cryptos. Faucets introduce beginners to coins, wallets, and experiencing transactions firsthand.

Top 10 Crypto Faucet Options

Here are 10 popular crypto faucets to check out:

1. Bitcoin Aliens

One of the highest paying faucets allowing users to accumulate Satoshis through fun games and surveys. Rewards get compounded through a level system.

2. Moon Bitcoin

A classic faucet for earning Satoshis with captcha proving, playing games, and viewing ads. Referrals boost payouts.

3. CryptoPotato

This faucet focuses on educational content while allowing earning via videos, surveys, contests, and offerings from brand sponsors.

4. Publish0x

An increasingly popular faucet for those who enjoy writing. Users can earn by creating blog content around crypto topics.

5. Cointiply

Pays users in Bitcoin for completing microtasks like questionnaires, linking social accounts, viewing ads, and more.

6. Bonus Bitcoin

One of the most popular faucets paying out in Bitcoin since launch in 2017. Complete the captcha every 15 minutes for Satoshis.

7. FREE TON Faucet

A faucet sponsored by the FREE TON blockchain project dispersing daily payouts in their TON coin to holders.

8. Algorand Faucet

Users can earn a small amount of Algorand (ALGO) every 60 minutes by rolling and randomly winning payouts. Supports ALGO staking.

9. Stellar Faucet

Faucet paying out XLM lumens with options to boost earnings by completing surveys and viewing ads.

10. Nano Faucet

Provides payouts in the fast and feeless NANO currency. Users earn by creating content, playing games, and participating in forum discussions.


While crypto faucets offer trivial amounts compared to trading and investing, they allow newcomers to get hands-on experience transacting on blockchain while earning crypto to cover gas fees on test transactions. Faucets provide a no-risk introduction to cryptocurrency concepts.

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