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Security tokens represent ownership rights to physical or digital assets like company equity, real estate, or investment funds. They unlock global liquidity for assets traditionally hard to trade. Here are the 10 most promising security token projects:

1. Nexo (NEXO)

Nexo offers instant cryptocurrency-backed loans and savings products. The NEXO token represents shares in Nexo’s portfolio of assets and loans, allowing investors to earn dividends from interest payments.

2. RealT (RET)

RealT tokenizes residential real estate on Ethereum. RET holders can earn rental income and appreciation from property investments without direct ownership hassles.

3. Horizen (ZEN)

Horizen has pioneered sidechain functionality to enable new applications secured by ZEN. Its treasury model allows stakeholders fractionalized ownership of sidechain project equity via node-backed tokens.

4. Neblio (NEBL)

Neblio simplifies building and deploying dApps, tokens, and NFTs for enterprises using NEBL tokens for utilization fees. The NEBL staking model shares revenue with token holders.

5. Bitbond (BB1)

Bitbond utilizes BB1 tokens to represent equity shares in its blockchain lending platform revenue generated from interest income. Investors earn dividends proportional to BB1 holdings.

6. (LTRY) tokenizes lottery jackpots, allowing individuals to purchase LTRY tokens representing shares in grand prize winnings if that ticket number hits. Holders earn proportional lottery payouts.

7. Slice (SLC)

The Slice protocol enables tokenizing online invoices and unlocking their value instantly through SLC tokens investors can purchase fractions of to fund the invoice and earn repayment.

8. 22X (22X)

22X Fund offers a tokenized VC fund where 22X tokens represent fractionalized ownership in the fund’s holdings and returns. This opens private investing to regular individuals.

9. Mt Pelerin (MPS)

Mt Pelerin issues tokenized shares on its platform. MPS tokens entitle investors to equity, dividends, and voting rights as company shareholders.

10. Lotto (LOTTO)

Based on blockchain lottery protocol PoolTogether, LOTTO sells tickets for drawings with winners splitting the jackpot. Holding LOTTO earns interest and lottery rewards.

Security tokenization unlocks trillions in previously untradable assets like private equity, fine art, and real estate for fractional ownership and trading via blockchain. As adoption advances, expect more assets to be tokenized.

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