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Masternodes allow crypto investors to earn rewards for supporting blockchain networks. Here are the top 10 masternode cryptos by market capitalization:

1. Dash

The pioneer in masternode networks, Dash allows users to send instant, private transactions for digital payments. Collateral of 1000 DASH (approx $55,000) is required to run a masternode and earn 7% yearly returns.


PIVX is a privacy-focused payments coin that relies on Proof of Stake for consensus. Running a PIVX masternode requires staking 10,000 PIVX (approx $9,000) and generates over 13% annual yields.

3. Syscoin

An Ethereum fork focused on decentralized marketplaces and asset tokenization, Syscoin pays over 65% yearly yields on masternodes. It requires collateral of 200,000 SYS (approx $250,000).

4. Wanchain

Wanchain enables cross-chain smart contracts to support decentralized finance apps. Masternodes require staking 150,000 WAN (~$45,000) and earn 10-20% APY.

5. Horizen

Horizen (formerly ZenCash) offers privacy-focused sidechains for communications and transactions. Masternodes require staking 42 ZEN (~$28,000) and earn roughly 10% yearly.

6. SmartCash

A community-governed currency for payments, SmartCash pays 25%+ yields for running a masternode costing 10,000 SMART (~$1,750).

7. Blocknet

The Blocknet project enables cross-chain dApps and oracles via interoperability. Its masternode returns are around 13% annually on 5000 BLOCK collateral (~$27,500).


EUNO is a decentralized payments platform built on its own blockchain. Masternodes have high profitability, yielding over 40% annually on 5000 EUNO (~$280,000) collateral.

9. Divi

Divi seeks to make crypto and masternodes easy for newcomers. Running a masternode requires staking 100,000 DIVI (~$1,660) and secures over 20% returns yearly.

10. ALQO

ALQO is an open-source platform for decentralized finance and governance. Masternodes yield over 45% per year by staking 50,000 ALQO (~$9,500).

Masternodes allow crypto investors to support innovative projects while earning high rewards on collateralized tokens. As adoption grows, these networks aim to decentralize key financial services.

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