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Initial DEX offerings (IDOs) have become a popular way for crypto projects to raise funds by selling tokens directly to the community rather than venture capitalists. IDOs offer the potential to get in early on promising new blockchain initiatives. Here are 10 of the most anticipated and potentially impactful IDOs coming up in 2022 and 2023.


NuNet is developing a decentralized telecom network powered by blockchain and AI. The project aims to disrupt legacy telcos by offering mobile service with lower costs and more privacy. NuNet’s IDO is set for Q3 2022 after raising $75 million in seed funding.


SolidProof offers crypto auditing and automated security scoring for smart contracts and protocols. This helps build trust in projects by verifying contract quality for investors. SolidProof is planning a public IDO after a successful $5 million seed round in early 2022.


Cygnet is building aLayer 1 blockchain focused on enterprise adoption and regulatory compliance. The protocol uses a unique proof-of-authority model optimized for institutional use cases like supply chain tracking. Cygnet’s IDO is slated for late 2022.


Quinton is developing a layer 2 network that enables off-chain processing to improve throughput and reduce gas costs for Ethereum dApps. Quinton utilizes a novel validation system using staked token voting power. Its IDO is planned for Q1 2023.


Zodiak is a modular blockchain tailored for game developers to build play-to-earn models with NFT integration. Zodiak solves common issues like scalability and cross-chain interoperability for blockchain gaming. Its IDO comes on the heels of a successful $7 million funding round.


Volts is building a lightning-fast layer 1 blockchain using sharding techniques to achieve 100,000 TPS. This makes Volts well-suited for large-scale DeFi applications. Volts’ community IDO is set for early 2023 following impressive venture funding.


Cryptas operates a decentralized media ecosystem powered by AI and Web3 technology. Users can share content, engage with communities, and earn rewards. Cryptas brings innovation to social media and publishing with blockchain and token incentives.


SagaChain is a platform for creating NFT collections and marketplaces with built-in royalties management. SagaChain simplifies launching community-driven NFT projects for artists and creators. It has generated substantial buzz leading up to its 2023 IDO.


VoltSwap is a cross-chain DEX built on the Volts blockchain. It delivers lightning-fast swaps between thousands of token pairs. VoltSwap’s IDO lets users gain early liquidity rewards when it launches with Volts.


KodaDot is Polkadot’s solution for connecting private/consortium chains to its ecosystem. Enterprises can leverage Polkadot’s interoperability while maintaining security. KodaDot has raised $75M ahead of one of 2023’s most hotly anticipated IDOs.


IDOs present a compelling opportunity to participate in the growth of new crypto projects in their early stages. The above initiatives are some of the most exciting and technically ambitious preparing to launch token offerings in 2022-2023. With careful evaluation of their teams, vision, and ability to execute, getting in early on tomorrow’s potential leaders via IDO could prove quite profitable.

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