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Rebase rewards are a novel reward mechanism implemented by some cryptocurrency protocols. They involve the periodic adjustment of token balances in holders’ wallets based on certain metrics. This effectively increases the number of tokens over time through expansionary rebasing.

Rebase rewards help incentivize holding tokens long-term and maintaining engagement. They have become popularized primarily through DeFi protocols on Ethereum and other smart contract platforms.

How Rebase Rewards Work

Here is an overview of how rebase rewards function:

  1. Tokens implement expansionary rebasing to increase the circulating supply over time.
  2. The rebase amount can be based on different factors like treasury growth.
  3. User wallet balances expand automatically at the rebase frequency, often daily.
  4. Rebase increase in circulating supply. If 10%, all wallets grow 10%.
  5. Price per token decreases in proportion to supply growth to maintain market cap.
  6. Holders see their token balance increase through rebase rewards over time.

This creates a holder incentive through increasing number of tokens while maintaining value.

Key Benefits of Rebase Rewards

Some of the benefits rebase reward mechanisms offer:

  • Holder incentives — Reward loyal holders with higher percentage share of the supply.
  • Market stability — Rebases allow price to stay near peg and avoid volatility spikes.
  • Collateral backing — Protocol treasuries provide strong collateral backing for the token.
  • Protocol ownership — Token holders collectively gain larger ownership of the protocol over time.
  • Redistribution — Value distributed more evenly versus accumulating to early holders.

When designed appropriately, rebase rewards help align incentives between the protocol and token holders.

Examples of Rebase Reward Tokens

Some popular crypto projects using rebase rewards include:

  • Ampleforth — One of the first rebase tokens tracking USD.
  • Elastic — Rebases supply based on price divergence from $1.
  • FRAX — Algorithmic stablecoin with rebases and collateral backing.
  • KlimaDAO — Carbon marketplace project with daily supply expansions.
  • OlympusDAO — Pioneer of protocol owned liquidity using rebases.

Numerous projects have introduced creative variations on the rebase reward mechanism.

Considerations and Risks

Rebase rewards also come with some considerations:

  1. Parameters must be set appropriately to maintain incentives.
  2. Price could become detached from rebasing treasury value.
  3. Rebases can increase short-term volatility.
  4. Users must trust the protocol to manage the treasury effectively.
  5. Possible securities law risks depending on implementation.

Teams should take care to mitigate these risks through transparent processes and fixed, automated rebasing protocols.

The Future of Rebase Rewards

Given their novel incentive design, rebase reward tokens seem poised for further growth and experimentation, through trends like:

  1. Adoption for additional use cases beyond DeFi governance.
  2. Experimentation with dynamic rebasing frequencies.
  3. Combining with other reward mechanisms like staking or interest.
  4. Use as automatically adjusting fiat-pegged stablecoins.
  5. Utilization across other emerging crypto verticals.

Rebase rewards introduce new crypto-economic dynamics that are likely to see continued refinement and adoption.


While still a relatively new mechanism, crypto rebase rewards present an interesting way to structure incentives and token distribution. They encourage holders to lock in tokens to capture protocol ownership over time.

The daily rebasing engenders more regular engagement versus static staking. When balanced appropriately, rebases help align interests between protocols and token holders in a sustainable way. Expect further development as projects continue exploring and optimizing rebase rewards.

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