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Boba Network is a Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum focused on optimizing transactions through advanced features like Hybrid Compute and the Boba Virtual Machine. The native token of Boba Network is BOBA, an ERC-20 token used to pay fees, secure the network, and reward participants.

Overview of Boba Network

Boba Network utilizes a combination of Optimistic Rollups and sidechains to achieve faster and cheaper transactions than Ethereum. It is fully EVM-compatible and supports all of Ethereum’s capabilities.

Key features include:

Optimistic Rollups

Batches transactions off-chain and submits the combined proof to Ethereum, reducing congestion.

Boba Virtual Machine

Custom lightweight EVM implementation that executes L2 transactions faster and more efficiently.

Hybrid Compute

Combines Rollups with sidechains for both security and faster performance where needed.

Fast Exit

Allows assets to be quickly withdrawn from Boba to Ethereum in minutes rather than days.

NFT Bridging

Seamless transfer of NFTs between L1 and Boba L2 to maximize composability.

By leveraging these capabilities, Boba Network aims to scale Ethereum to thousands of transactions per second and significantly lower gas fees.

Use Cases of BOBA Token

The BOBA token has the following key use cases:

  1. Paying Fees — BOBA is used to pay fees for transactions, smart contract deployment, bridging assets, and other actions on Boba Network.
  2. Staking — BOBA can be staked to become a block producer/validator and earn rewards for securing the network.
  3. Governance — BOBA holders can vote on protocol changes and other governance matters. More tokens equal more voting power.
  4. Liquidity rewards — Earning BOBA for providing liquidity on decentralized exchanges to support trading pairs.
  5. Rebates — Network fees paid in BOBA may be eligible for partial rebates.
  6. DeFi — BOBA can be utilized within DeFi protocols built on Boba Network for lending, yield farming, and more.

BOBA Tokenomics and Distribution

BOBA has a maximum supply of 1 billion tokens. The distribution is as follows:

  • 15% to Boba Network team with 4-year vesting schedule.
  • 10% to investors with 3-year vesting schedule.
  • 15% to Ethereum miners for OMG token merge.
  • 10% allocated to staking rewards.
  • 50% to the community via airdrops, liquidity mining, and the reserve.

This distribution taps into various stakeholder groups while preserving significant supply for community incentives.

Launch and Historical Performance

Boba Network launched its mainnet and BOBA token in November 2021 after raising $45 million from investors. An initial circulating supply of 115 million BOBA was distributed.

BOBA started trading around $1.25 in November 2021, reaching an all-time high price of $3.64 in March 2022 before declining significantly in the broader crypto bear market. It trades under $1 as of September 2022.

The vast majority of BOBA remains locked for vesting and community initiatives planned for the next several years. Unlocking this supply may impact future price action.

Future Outlook

Boba Network aims to evolve and expand its capabilities over time to cement itself as a leading Layer 2 solution, including:

  1. Onboarding more bridges for assets like BTC, stablecoins, and NFT collections.
  2. Integrations with DeFi, NFTs, gaming, metaverses, and other Ethereum-based dApps.
  3. Mainnet optimization and lower L2 gas fees.
  4. Expanding utility and real-world usage of BOBA token.
  5. Leveraging Hybrid Compute for innovative new transaction types.
  6. Transitioning governance fully to the community.

By excelling across these fronts, Boba Network hopes to capture significant transaction volume and value from Ethereum. This would likely lead to increased BOBA adoption and price appreciation. However, competition is fierce in the Layer 2 space from rival projects.


Boba Network offers an intriguing Layer 2 scaling approach for Ethereum focused on a hybrid of Rollups and sidechains. The BOBA token serves as the native utility asset used for fees, staking, governance, and more.

With wider adoption, BOBA has significant upside potential but also substantial competition. Boba’s technology and real-world usage traction will ultimately determine its long-term success and value.

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