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Findora Coin (FRA) is the native cryptocurrency of the Findora blockchain network. Findora aims to be a highly scalable and decentralized public blockchain capable of extensive on-chain analytics while preserving transaction privacy. The FRA token plays a key role in Findora’s unique consensus mechanism and ecosystem. In this guide, we take a deep dive into Findora Coin — how it works, its utility and outlook.

Overview of Findora Blockchain

Findora utilizes a novel consensus protocol called Proof of Stake Grouping to achieve decentralization and scalability. It splits validators into small anonymous groups that maintain subsets of the ledger, enabling parallel processing and interoperability.

Findora also pioneers Confidential Smart Contracts that hide transaction amounts and asset types while revealing key data needed for analytics. This selectively discloses insights without compromising privacy.

Findora is EVM-compatible and plans integration with existing crypto ecosystems alongside its own DeFi ecosystem. Its technical architecture is built for the enterprise blockchain space.

Utility and Function of FRA Tokens

As Findora’s native token, FRA has several key functions:

  1. Staking and validating transactions to earn rewards.
  2. Payment of fees for executing transactions and smart contracts.
  3. Governance of the Findora network by voting on proposals.
  4. Incentivizing node operation and security protections.
  5. Serving as a medium of exchange for future on-chain apps.

FRA will be integral to Findora’s validator grouping consensus and enable a sustainable, decentralized network.

FRA Tokenomics and Supply Schedule

FRA has a fixed maximum supply of 550 million tokens. The initial circulating supply at launch was 138 million FRA, distributed through a public token sale event. New FRA is minted through an inflation schedule to reward validators.

The inflation rate starts at 5% annually and decays gradually over 30 years until it reaches 1%. This controlled approach funds network growth while retaining long-term scarcity.

FRA tokens are unlocked for withdrawals over a 2 year vesting period after the initial sale, to restrict sudden selling pressure on exchanges.

Roadmap and Future Developments

Findora has an extensive roadmap planned. Key goals include optimizing consensus mechanisms for higher scalability and decentralization, enhancing Confidential Smart Contracts and adding privacy-focused features like zk-SNARKs.

On the adoption side, priorities include DeFi integrations, fiat on/off-ramps, compliance features, and tools for developers building on Findora. The team plans to grow usage in both public blockchain and regulated enterprise environments.


Findora brings unique technology like its PoSG consensus and Confidential Smart Contracts that aim to solve scalability, privacy and analytics challenges faced by blockchains. As its native token, FRA will be crucial to promoting security and proper network governance to grow this ecosystem.

With a long-term roadmap ahead, FRA seems positioned as a potentially promising crypto as Findora strives to fulfill its ambitious vision.

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