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Streamr is an open source platform for creating real-time data pipelines and applications. The project uses the DATA cryptocurrency on the Ethereum blockchain to facilitate data transmission and transactions between nodes, publishers, users, and devices.

The decentralized network aims to enable a global data economy where any connected device can securely contribute data and get compensated in DATA coins. This allows monetization of data flows.

The Project Origins

Streamr was founded in 2017 in Switzerland by entrepreneurs with backgrounds in decentralization and messaging technology. The project raised over $30 million in an ICO in late 2017 to fund development.

How it Works

The Streamr stack consists of a decentralized P2P network, visual editor for creating data pipelines, SDKs for integration, and a marketplace for buying/selling streams.

DATA coins incentivize and reward operations like transmitting off-chain data on-chain, powering real-time data feeds, and compensating data producers.

DATA Coin Utility

The ERC-20 DATA token is at the heart of Streamr’s decentralized data marketplace and provides the following utility:

  • Network Incentive. DATA coins incentivize nodes with reward distributions for useful work done like bandwidth sharing and data delivery. This compensates and aligns network participants.
  • User Rewards. Users who contribute valuable data streams can set licensing terms and earn DATA coin micropayments from consumer subscribers who pay to access their data feeds.
  • Purchasing Data Streams. DATA coins can be used as payment to subscribe and access crowdsourced data streams made available through the decentralized marketplace.
  • Staking. Holders can stake DATA coins to assist in transaction validations and earn staking rewards in return, similar to proof-of-stake.
  • Governance. DATA holders can vote on network proposals and help shape project decisions by staking coins in Community Products governance modules.

This range of utility cases creates perpetual demand for the DATA token within Streamr’s data ecosystem.

DATA Coin Performance History

Let’s examine the price history of the DATA coin since the 2017 ICO:

Streamr sold DATA to ICO participants at around 15 cents. It started trading in late 2017 around 60 cents and surged over $1 within months of launch. The broader crypto market surge in late 2017 drove DATA parabolically to an all-time high of $0.87 in January 2018 before crashing severely in the ensuing bear market.

For the next several years, DATA languished with little price movement, bouncing between 2-8 cents from 2018-2020 as the team focused on development.

In early 2021, DATA surged back up to 25 cents with renewed altcoin interest, but declined back under 5 cents as the 2021 bull market moderated.

As of September 2022, DATA is trading hands around 1.5 cents, giving it a market cap of $50 million. The price remains 90% below its all-time high.

Project Development Progress

On the development front, here are some key achievements for Streamr over the past year:

  1. Launched fully decentralized Network 2.0 onto Ethereum mainnet.
  2. Expanded integrations with major blockchains and data sources.
  3. Added support for decentralized off-chain storage like IPFS and Swarm.
  4. Continued enhancing real-time data engine performance.
  5. Released new public APIs and developer tools.
  6. Onboarded first wave of 3rd-party contributed data streams.
  7. Significantly grew team through new hires across engineering, product and business ops.

This progress shows Streamr is shipping promised building blocks for their overall vision despite market conditions.


Streamr represents an ambitious vision for web3 data transmission powered by the blockchain. The intrinsic utility of its DATA coin provides the incentives and mechanism for decentralizing real-time data interactivity.

After several years of grinding R&D, Streamr’s technology stack is maturing and productizing. More enterprise and consumer applications of its capabilities are likely on the horizon as adoption grows.

If the project can deliver on its roadmap for decentralized data sharing at scale, DATA could see considerable upside from its currently depressed price levels. Execution remains key in realizing its disruptive potential.

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