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Wilder World is a virtual world powered by blockchain technology and VR. It aims to allow creators to monetize experiences and content. The native token of the platform is called WILD. In this article, we will dive deeper into the specifics of the application of this technology and the growth prospects of this token.

Introducing Wilder World

Wilder World describes itself as a creative Metaverse built on blockchain technology. The virtual world platform provides tools for creators to build interactive 3D experiences and immersive content.

Using Wilder World’s no-code tools, creators can easily build mini-games, virtual shops, NFT galleries, concerts and other experiences. They can populate their worlds with unique 3D avatars, theme designs, and social games.

The experiences can be monetized via fees, NFT sales, virtual real estate, in-game purchases and other models. Creators take 90% of revenue while Wilder World platform takes a 10% cut.

Wilder World makes it easy for anyone to become a creator in the open Metaverse, without needing extensive coding skills.

WILD Token Utility and Function

WILD is the native ERC-20 token that powers the Wilder World ecosystem. It has some key utilities:

  • Governance — WILD token holders can vote on important governance decisions and future development of the Wilder World platform. Their voting power depends on the number of WILD they hold.
  • Staking — Users can stake WILD tokens to earn yield. Wilder World offers staking pools with attractive APYs to incentivize staking.
  • Fee Reductions — Staked WILD may provide users discounts on platform fees or exclusive access to certain features.
  • Payments — WILD will be used as the primary payment method on the Wilder World platform for buying NFTs, virtual real estate, avatars, in-game items and more.
  • Rewards — Users can earn WILD as rewards for participating in community events, competitions, leaderboards etc. This incentivizes engagement.
  • Liquidity Provision — WILD will be used to reward liquidity providers on decentralized exchanges to encourage trading and improve price stability.

WILD Tokenomics and Supply

WILD has a fixed max supply of 2 billion tokens. Its distribution and release schedule is as follows:

  • 15% tokens already released via TGE, private and public sales.
  • 10% allocated to Binance Launchpad.
  • 48% tokens vested for 8 years to founders, team, advisors and ecosystem rewards.
  • 12% for marketing development fund.
  • 15% for ecosystem incentives and liquidity provisions.

This controlled release limits inflationary pressure and ensures continued incentives for participation. WILD is available for trading on Binance and Uniswap.

The Wilder World Metaverse Ecosystem

WILD aims to power an entire creator economy within the Wilder World metaverse. Some core products include:

  • Wilder World Builder — No-code tool for creators to easily build interactive 3D worlds and experiences without needing expert skills.
  • Wilder World Marketplace — NFT marketplace to buy/sell creator-made assets including avatars, wearables, virtual real estate parcels, artifacts etc.
  • Arena of Legends — Mini-game where players battle with avatars and collectibles to win rewards and recognition on leaderboards. Encourages competitive gameplay.
  • The Overlook — Sprawling virtual land with panoramic views ideal for creators to develop event spaces, NFT galleries, stores etc.


Wilder World offers an easy entry point for anyone to become a creator in the blockchain-based open metaverse. WILD, its ERC-20 token, incentivizes participation by empowering governance, staking rewards, virtual payments, and creator monetization. As the platform sees wider adoption, WILD has significant upside potential as the native asset powering this creative metaverse ecosystem.

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